Howard Law
  1. dougiemac

    SOLD Sig Sauer P238 Two-tone w/ Holster and Mags

    Sig Sauer P238 in a black and stainless two-tone. .380 Auto 4 - 7 round magazines with finger extender. (one mag is not pictured - these mags run $40 each!) Remora soft no-slip holster with mag holder (can be placed in pocket, purse, fanny pack, backpack or slid IWB) Night sights (not as...
  2. NolansMindset

    BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - Kore Essential Gun Belts

    Looking for a good gun belt that doesn't scream "gun belt"?? Check these out!!
  3. NolansMindset

    CARRY UPGRADES - Glock 43 - Part 2 - Sights & Mag Extensions

    So this is part 2 of my quest to make the Glock 43 "MY" Ultimate Carry Gun! Let me know what you guys think!
  4. NolansMindset

    Glock 43 Carry Upgrades - Part 1 | Range Test

    So im on a quest to make the G43 the ultimate carry gun ...... for me. So this is Part 1 and im out at the range testing out the new grip tape from Sand Paper Pistol Grips along with my new Holster from Harrys Holsters. As I do more to the G43 ill definitely make more videos.
  5. ZuluFoxLights

    AL EDC & Weapon Mount Lights

    Item: Flashlights Location/Zip: AL Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $55-$65 Trade Value or Items Looking For: N/A Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: I have flashlights for sale. So here is my ad, to cover all of them. I have 4 production models for sale...
  6. Lars

    FNG in Central Texas

    Came this way because of a business card included in my last two holster orders. Saw y'all had a "Mindset, Tactics, Skills, & Gear" section and was sold. Anyway, I'm a systems engineering manager. Been carrying daily since 2008. Spent a whole lot of time, money and brass on the range over...
  7. NolansMindset

    My EDC for Early 2017 (Video)

    I know there are probably countless threads talking about everyones EDC but here is a video showing what Im currently carrying in early 2017. Let us know what you are carrying as well!
  8. Loki_tactics

    The LoKi Mut EDC tool

    We Just launched our new multi tool on kickstarter and I think you guys might like it. CLICK HERE to head over to the kickstarter and let me know what you think. I can't wait to get this tool funded so we can work with other amazing companies to bring you some custom MUT's with other accessories...
  9. E

    Exit strategy

    Whats up guys. Im Aaron Hollands owner of Exit Strategy Solutions (Exit Strategy Bracelets) ive been on James Yeagers YouTube channel a few times. Im a Tac Response multi multi alumni and sometimes work there. i am dedicated and interested in training above all else. Have a wife and a 2 yr old...
  10. Patryn

    Every Day Drivers (Vehicle thread not your gun)

    Whats your every day driver load out look like! I need ideas and pics for a few SUV's I am doing right now!
  11. D

    How to properly transport firearms in a motor vehicle in ohio

    David submitted a new blog post How to Properly Transport Firearms in a Motor Vehicle in Ohio Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  12. D

    Best handguns for concealed carry in ohio

    I'm looking to put together a list of handguns that are good for concealment in Ohio. With the ride range of weather we experience in any given week (and sometimes day) finding that one gun that fits all seasons can be difficult. Anyone have their top 2-3 favorite handguns for concealment in Ohio?
  13. Ohio Gun Owner

    Anyone Ever Had Nics Background Check Delays

    Anyone else been delayed in the NICS background check process? For the first time ever I got delayed for 48 hours recently. Was weird since I've probably purchased 20-30 different handguns and AR15's over the years was kind of shocked this happened.
  14. StateFarmJake

    Self Defense Ammo For .40sw

    What type of ammo in weight/style should I be using for my EDC self defense carry weapon? Right now I've got 6 HP's followed with 6FMJs loaded in my gun but I am really curious to see what type of ammo everyone else is using, and if they mix it together like that.
  15. TheCompleteCombatant

    The Complete Combatant on the luxury of it all......

    The Complete Combatant: 1.5 day course is for the armed citizen on how to survive the chaos of extreme close quarters combat. In this non-live fire environment you will use a BlueGun, SIRT, or training pistol but we HIGHLY recommend using a TRAINSAFE DISABLER…which we will supply (visit GEAR...
  16. D

    Just Some Survival Knife Tips

    I do not know a lot about blades but I figured I'd share some pointers of things I have learned as of late when it comes to survival knives. 1. Buy a fixed blade knife for survival. Folding blades are great for EDC, but in survival situations the fixed blade is superior for a couple of...
  17. T

    New Member

    Hello! Here to see what its all about. I own a Ruger sr45 and some long guns. Next on my list is a Marlin 1895SBL!
  18. RangerTim

    Flashlights....is It Part Of Your Edc? If So, What Kind Is It?

    Someone's "EDC" items are different from person to person based on their lifestyle, work, dress requirements, etc. I think we can all agree that gun, knife, and spare mag are probably on every list. I'm curious how many have a flashlight on that list? Not just the million lumens super...
  19. H

    What Type Of Ammo Do You Use In Your Edc?

    What type of ammo is everyone using in their everyday carry gun of choice? I ran some cheap hallowpoints in my hipoint but they always fired so I wasn't super worried. and I knew i probably wouldn't have to shoot through concrete bricks and stuff lol.
  20. Dirtbike

    To Carry A Backup Or Not To?

    Myself all I've ever carried was my G22 and then my G19 with a spare magazine, I never really gave any thought to carrying a backup before, anybody else have thoughts on this? I was thinking like either a G42 .380 in an ankle holster or a p938 in the same configuration