Terms and rules

Note:The Southeast Traders DOES NOT SELL firearms. The Southeast Traders only an online community that provides a free classified section.

Terms & Conditions

These are the basic rules for the site but we also reserve the right to establish new rules if the need becomes evident. If you join this site and post on this site, you agree to these rules. If there is any content that could create any issues, legal or otherwise, that content will be removed.


You are 18 years of age or older.

You will follow and abide by ALL Federal, State and Local Laws.

Main Rule of the Site
#1 Rule: Please keep everything friendly! Be respectful. Don't be an ass to other members, it won't be tolerated. If the "Don't be a dick" rule was kept in the forefront of everyone's mind while using the site, we wouldn't need any additional rules. This includes: talking shit and insulting others, the ownership and staff of this site, friends and sponsors that help keep this forum running. You may not like someone, but you don't get a free pass to talk shit about them. (This includes insulting meme's as well as discussions. If you do, your content will be removed and you will be permanently banned from the site. This is not a big ask. It's like this, I don't come in your home and talk shit about your girlfriend, your wife, your kids or your family and friends, I would expect the same standard on the Internet.

Private Messages and Privacy Private messages or conversations are private, but there can be justified reasoning to view those private conversations such as settling a XenTrader dispute, etc. By using the private message system, you accept that admins may access your private messages if needed. (The ability to read other’s PMs is restricted solely to Administrators.) The staff at Southeast Traders does not make a practice of monitoring private messages. Your personal data will never be sold to a marketing company or a third party. Occasionally our partners will request us to offer you a special discount or service, we will forward that to you if it is appropriate and we believe it will provide great value to you.

Other General Rules of the Site