Preparedness Depot in Acworth, GA
  1. mmason3

    Pistol Training in Augusta, GA

    Hey, everyone, I wanted to reach out to the community and let everyone know about a pistol class in Augusta, GA. My best friend asked me to post in some places to try to get the last couple of slots filled up. I don't have much information on the class other than the link to the FB page. The...
  2. NolansMindset

    BECOME A BETTER SHOOTER | Mantis X Training System

    So if you are like me and want to become a better shooter, the Mantis X Firearms Training System might be the ticket! Here is a video showing what you get when you buy it, how it works and how it can help you become the shooter you want to become!
  3. CHirt

    NRA Pistol Instructor Course (Bartow County)

    Are you interested in becoming an NRA Pistol Instructor. **Seating is limited to 8 Instructor Candidate.** On February 18 & 19 2017 starting at 9:00AM I will be holding a NRA Instructor Pistol Course. The course tuition will be $235.00. Details: This 16-hour course teaches the knowledge...
  4. RangerTim

    TSD Training Tips!

    Have you ever heard of the "thumbs forward grip"?  What's the advantage?  Why use it?  TSD teaches not just HOW, but WHY we use a specific technique.  It allows for a better understanding by our students. Here's a little explanation from Tactical Skills Development. TSD on the thumbs forward...
  5. kingkalifor

    D5 handgun class

    Ive never taken a training course. (minus my ccw course) and I want to take a Travis Haley course, he has a D5 handgun course coming up in CA next year and I wanna go. I want to know if anyone here has any experience with the D5 handgun course. Do I need Ammo? I didn't see it on the required...
  6. RangerTim

    100m rifle workout

    While exercising before shooting to elevate your breathing and heart rate are nothing new, I've found this to be one of my favorites. It's simple, and hugely effective at showing where your ability is. If I could do this workout everyday I'd be in WAY better shape! Not a ton of ammo used and...
  7. RangerTim

    Defensive shooting skills class

    I have some open slots in the June 26th Defensive Shooting Skills class. It is 4hrs, 100% range time. This class is designed for those who already have their CCW permit but want to improve their skill level with their pistol. DSS is normally $75, but I am extending a discount to OHGO members and...
  8. RangerTim

    Is there a trauma kit in your range bag

    chris-timmerman submitted a new blog post Is There A Trauma Kit In Your Range Bag Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  9. RangerTim

    [Article] - Is There A Trauma Kit In Your Range Bag

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  10. Hawkeye

    What's your dream handgun to own?

    whats everyone's dream handgun to own? Mine would have to be a 1847 colt revolver or something along those lines
  11. Ohio Gun Owner

    [Article] - Choosing the most effective home defense firearms

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  12. Ohio Gun Owner

    Why multiple home defense plans are a good idea

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  13. D

    Ohio gun shows and events for june 2016

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  14. Hawkeye

    Lets talk about our concealed weapons we carry

    I carry a Glock 43 right now as my concealed weapon effective as of today. This will be my second concealed carry weapon and so far I'm enjoying it far more than I enjoyed my previous one. This Glock 43 is fed quality ammo and it eats it and spits it out realiably and without any problems at...
  15. RangerTim

    Do you have the necessary skills to effectively carry

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  16. RangerTim

    [Article] - Do You Have the Necessary Skills to Effectively Carry

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  17. Leshaire

    Must haves for a rifle course?

    Im taking a rifle course saturday and am wondering if anyone has any tips on what to bring? So far on my list to wear/bring is: -Boots -Long pants with double knees -Gun belt -OWB double glock mag holster -OWB Glock holster -Chest rig with 6 glock mags, 3-5 AK mags depending how I decide to run...
  18. RangerTim

    The ar15 pistol...why?

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  19. RangerTim

    [Article] - The AR15 Pistol...Why?

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  20. Hawkeye

    Anyone teach hand to hand combat in addition to ccw

    I'll be taking my first CCW class this weekend and in addition to it the instructor said if he has time he will teach us some basic hand to hand combat techniques. Is this normal for CCW classes? Do we need to know this stuff to complete the course and get the certificate? Is this stuff I should...