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  1. M

    How often do you clean your rimfire and pistolSuppressor?

    How often do you clean your rimfire and pistol Suppressor? What's your preferred methods? BYW Don't do this! This Aklys Pilum has 1000 rounds without at least a disassembly to break up build up....
  2. KGmade

    KGmade EOS-22 Closer Look Video

    Many of you have wanted a closer look. Heres a quick video explaining it and showing how it comes apart. Feel free to ask any other questions
  3. KGmade

    KGmade EOS-22 Integral Pre-Order

    We are excited to finally announce that production of our EOS-22 integral suppressor for the Ruger 10/22 has launched. We got our FFL07/02 early this year, and began working on designs. We have tried numerous designs, barrel materials, twist rates, and rifling types and have finally settled on...
  4. Leshaire

    Rifle can opinions...

    Looking for my first and hopefully only rifle can, and could use some opinions FROM PEOPLE WITH RIFLE CANS..... Now that that is out of the way. I can see the obvious myself... I can read, believe it or not, and compare shit myself. So, I am looking for a can to suite my needs, which are...
  5. dougiemac

    Important Update on ATF-41F

    An important update on the implementation on ATF-41F: ATF Asserts Fingerprints and Photographs Will Be Required With All Applications After July 13, 2016 ATF Advises Postmark of Applications Will Determine Grandfathering Read more...
  6. DoglegArms

    Poll: Your favorite silencer manufactuers?

    This is a somewhat vague question but generally speaking who are your favorite top two silencer manufacturers? Take into account whatever factors matter to you such as materials, design, dB metering, warranty, customer service, innovation, etc... The purpose is to help me understand what you...
  7. dougiemac

    Spikes Tactical Recluse 9mm Integrally Suppressed

    Spike's Tactical launched a new rifle today. Introducing the Recluse. 9MM integrally suppressed. Single stamp gun. Colt mags AR platform. Single stamp gun hits the streets soon at $1995 dollars! This gun eats affordable supersonic ammo and our ported barrel slows the bullet down to subsonic.
  8. DoglegArms

    Poll: How many cans do you own?

    Before you roll your eyes at me, cans are registered so it's not a big secret like the 50 x 80% ARs you may or may not have :ninja: Three cans seem practical: 30 cal, 22lr, and 9 or 45 pistol can.
  9. JMUshotgunner

    Integrally Suppressed 9mm Handgun

    Silencerco just debuted an integrally suppressed handgun. Its obviously an awesome idea. Looks a little odd but pretty cool at the same time. What purposes do you think it could serve? Obviously it's a bit too big for concealed carry. So, Tac rig? Night stand? Car gun...