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  1. J

    TN Sig cross .308

    Like new shot 25 rounds though it. Just looking for something different. No trades. Optic not included. Located Powell Tn
  2. CameronJoseph

    Sig M17 with freebies $600

    It comes with -1 17 round mag -2 22 round mags -2 HSGI TACO pouches -If lefty I’ll include a Safariland ALS holster -Comes with original box and paperwork
  3. NolansMindset

    Sig Sauer P229 Legion!! - First Range Trip! (VIDEO)

    Its been a little while since i've owned a classic P Series. I had a couple in the past but like a fool I got rid of them for one reason or another. Well I finally decided its been long enough and added a new one to the collection and this time I went all it, I picked up a Legion series!! Both...
  4. D

    How to properly transport firearms in a motor vehicle in ohio

    David submitted a new blog post How to Properly Transport Firearms in a Motor Vehicle in Ohio Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  5. D

    Best handguns for concealed carry in ohio

    I'm looking to put together a list of handguns that are good for concealment in Ohio. With the ride range of weather we experience in any given week (and sometimes day) finding that one gun that fits all seasons can be difficult. Anyone have their top 2-3 favorite handguns for concealment in Ohio?
  6. D

    Anyone Have A Sig Legion Series

    Anyone have any of the Sig Legion Series guns? I may be trading one of my AR's for a brand new one in 9mm and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on them. I've never owned a sig before, and been a long time since I've owned a SA/DA pistol but I'm really digging the Sigs lately and if I can...
  7. RangerTim

    Ar15 They Really Make Sense?

    With the advent of the Sig arm brace AR15 pistols are all the rage. My question to everyone, in what scenario do you really believe an AR pistol in your vehicle (assuming that's why you have one, to carry loaded in your vehicle as it IS a pistol) would be useful or necessary? I know...
  8. BigMikey

    Do You Treat Your Rifles Rough?

    How many of you guys out there treat your rifles a little on the rough side to get them dirty, break them in etc etc. Just how many times have you thrown it around in mud or dirt to see if it still fires.
  9. Ohio Gun Owner

    Best Type Of Sig To Buy?

    I've been looking at the Sig Sauer line up a lot lately, and I'm wondering what the best one to buy is? I'd like to keep the cost of the Sig under $800 or so that should give me plenty of room to work. Let me know the best Sig to buy please. Thanks