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  1. sjhebb

    Howdy! I’m from Cumming, and yes, that is a real place.

    I was told this was the place to be, and now I’m here just a being. I’m a big fan of jokes and dogs. I’m not outdoorsy. Why am I here? I don’t know either. I’ve been known to have entire conversations consisting of quotes from the movie Young Frankenstein. I once carved a turkey out of a...
  2. dougiemac

    Founder of ARFCOM Passes Away

    Edward Avila, founder of ARFCOM passed away on March 31 after a battle with cancer. Our community extends our condolences to the ARFCOM family. May he Rest In Peace and Fuck Cancer!
  3. S

    For a site called SoutheastTraders...

    I sure have a hard time finding the classifieds. How about a link under “Quick Navigation,” or in the main menus, for a dummy like me? Thanks for the consideration.
  4. appoutga

    GA Your Hometown Outdoor Store Appalachian Outfitters Ga

    Item:Kayaks . paddle boards , Camping Gear , Guns and ammo Location/Zip:30101 Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $Various Trade Value or Items Looking For:n/a Willing to Ship:no Bill of Sale Required?:no Item Description: We are your Hometown Outdoor Store , Kayaks , Paddle boards and...
  5. dougiemac

    Can't Stop the Signal - 3D CAD Gun Plans

    Communist Democrats are trying to censor free speech and block all sites that have downloadable 3D CAD plans for firearms. Download all the plans you can.
  6. dougiemac

    Gun Left in the Ladies' Restroom at Aquarium

    "Police are searching for the owner of a gun found in a women's restroom at the Living Planet Aquarium on Tuesday. About 12:40 p.m., a patron at the aquarium discovered a loaded .380 pistol in a concealed carry holster sitting on top of a folded-up diaper changing table, Draper Police Lt. Chad...
  7. dougiemac

    Okay, Now I Actually Do Want To Take Your Guns...

    And it has come to this (read the story linked below). Well, I will proudly say, "Not on my watch!" Let's look at the facts. Guns have been around since the first day the Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock. School shootings haven't occurred until the last 20 some years. What has changed? The...
  8. B

    New here

    Hello everyone I'm from Texas and looking to learn all I can about guns.
  9. liberteaustin

    Hi I'm Liberte Austin

    I am an avid hunter and 2nd amendment advocate. I joined Southeast Traders to buy, trade and mingle with other like minded individuals. I am the hunting editor for The Truth About Guns and love to talk hunting.
  10. David (OHGO)

    [Article] - Best Way To Legally Sell Your Firearm

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  11. E

    Exit strategy

    Whats up guys. Im Aaron Hollands owner of Exit Strategy Solutions (Exit Strategy Bracelets) ive been on James Yeagers YouTube channel a few times. Im a Tac Response multi multi alumni and sometimes work there. i am dedicated and interested in training above all else. Have a wife and a 2 yr old...
  12. bccain

    I'll try NOT to suck too bad....

    Howdy folks! My name is Brian and I am new to the SET. Been around guns a while as USMC and LE veteran. I'm mostly here to laugh at the witty banter and look for my next buy. I sell Commercial Trucks (Isuzu, Hino, International) for a day job and I run a coffee company (North Georgia Coffee...
  13. S

    So did anyone get any good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?

    Share your deals, hopefully there is still time to grab a few good ones.
  14. Laufen

    Big Changes to 4473 Coming in 2017

    Complete list of changes here...
  15. Patryn

    Smith & Wesson 15-22 MOE SL Grey

    We are running Smith & Wesson 15-22 MOE SL Grey for $379.99 while supplies last.
  16. dougiemac

    Attention SCAR Owners - Recall

    FN America issued a mandatory recall for hundreds for FN SCAR rifles, according to Aug. 10announcement. The gun maker says certain FN SCAR 17S rifles contain a bolt that does not meet internal hardness specifications and firing the rifles could result in catastrophic failure. A total of 417...
  17. dougiemac

    Introducing the Pipe Hitters Union guns by Spikes Tactica

    We are breaking news, the first gun forum to break this new product release... Introducing the Pipe Hitters Union gun by Spikes Tactical! Available in 3 variations. The Rilfe, SBR and pistol. Contact your local gun store to order. MSRP SBR: $2100 PISTOL: $2075 RIFLE: $2125 Guns painted...
  18. dougiemac

    Praesidium | Short Film - 4 Mins Well Spent

    4 mins well spent. Take a watch.
  19. dougiemac

    ISIS Threatens Range15 Movie

    ISIS Threatens Veterans’ Movie “Range 15:” Hollywood Worries About Veterans With Guns by Scott Faith Like most veterans, I was excited to learn that “Range 15,” perhaps the most highly-anticipated movie by, for, or about the military since Sebastian Junger’s Korengal, was finally on the...
  20. dougiemac

    A Day After Shootapalooza 2016 - Truck Busts Thru Gun Store

    WAXAHACHIE Police say thieves have used a stolen truck to smash through the brick wall of a North Texas gun store and steal firearms. Waxahachie police say the theft happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Police did not immediately announce any arrests. A gaping hole was left in the side of the...