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    GA Suppressor Tools

    Item: Suppressor Tools Caliber: N/A Location/Zip:Savannah, GA Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $Sale Trade Value or Items Looking For:N/A Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?:No Item Description: The latest Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC suppressor tool product line...

    CLOSED Suppressors/Silencers

    Item: Suppressors/Silencers Caliber: .22/.17 and up Location/Zip: Lincoln, NE 68510 Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $299.99 and up Willing to Ship: We ship nation wide. Please see our shipping information at:
  3. RangerTim

    Best Suppressor Cover?

    I'm on the hunt for a suppressor cover for my SilencerCo Specwar 556K.  I use it more on my primary fighting rifle than on my SPR.  That said, I'm trying to find a good cover that will hold up to some semi-rapid fire use more than just a few slow strings to avoid mirage like on a bolt gun or...
  4. Red Dawn

    Quiet Riot Tour

    Come join us at Griffin Gun Club 550 Amelia Road , Griffin Ga 30224 as we host Quiet Riot Georgia! We will be on location with Silencerco from 10am-5pm, Dec. 6th 2015, to demo their entire line of products, answer any questions, setup NFA Trusts, and even sell suppressors. If you have been...
  5. Red Dawn

    News From SilencerCo

    Quiet Riot Tour is coming soon. Hands on and you actually get to test some products out.
  6. Red Dawn

    SETs NFA Pics Thread

    I finally got in the game. Picked up my first can this past weekend and couldn't be happier. I went with the SilencerCo Spectre II to start out with. Got the call to pick it up and filled out the paperwork for a 9mm can. Already thinking about a 30 cal can. It's addicting once you get 1. Feel...
  7. JMUshotgunner

    Integrally Suppressed 9mm Handgun

    Silencerco just debuted an integrally suppressed handgun. Its obviously an awesome idea. Looks a little odd but pretty cool at the same time. What purposes do you think it could serve? Obviously it's a bit too big for concealed carry. So, Tac rig? Night stand? Car gun...
  8. Leshaire

    Looking to finally snag a 30 cal can

    I am looking to snag a 30 cal can finally. I have a Tirant 9 and a Spectre II now and love them both, but dont have anything to suppress rifles. My main objective is to have a multi rifle can. Something that will work with 556/300blkout/308 semi and bolt actions. So something that can withstand...