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  1. S

    What is the best way to train for one handed shooting?

    I was just thinking to myself while at the range today, what if I had to shoot one handed. I probably wouldn't be able to hit anything or even come close enough to scare someone to retreat. So then does any one have some tips or pointers for one handed shooter training?
  2. David (OHGO)

    [Article] - Why Stash Guns Are A Terrible Idea

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  3. David (OHGO)

    [Article] - How To Fly With A Firearm & Ammo

    When you travel it can be one of the most vulnerable times for you and your family. You will be in a strange place and probably will not know your surroundings well. These can lead to you ending up in "bad neighborhoods" where crime could be rampant, or your chances for victimization will...
  4. David (OHGO)

    Just got a Glock 26 for summer time!

    So I was out and about today and came across a pretty solid deal on a Glock 26. Something I've been wanting a while now anyway and with summer fast approaching I decided to go ahead and get it. After my trip to Phoenix this weekend I'm hoping to get out and get some range time with it. Will let...
  5. Ohio Gun Owner

    Anyone Ever Had Nics Background Check Delays

    Anyone else been delayed in the NICS background check process? For the first time ever I got delayed for 48 hours recently. Was weird since I've probably purchased 20-30 different handguns and AR15's over the years was kind of shocked this happened.
  6. StateFarmJake

    Self Defense Ammo For .40sw

    What type of ammo in weight/style should I be using for my EDC self defense carry weapon? Right now I've got 6 HP's followed with 6FMJs loaded in my gun but I am really curious to see what type of ammo everyone else is using, and if they mix it together like that.
  7. D

    Firearm Maintaince Products

    What is everyone using to learn their firearms with? How often do you clean them? Just trying to figure out some common maintaince schedules everyone uses.
  8. D

    What Legal Requirements Do I Have To Meet To Use Lethal Force?

    In case you ever have to defend yourself or a loved one while using lethal force against an attacker/perpetrator you should understand some basic concepts before you make that decision if you need to take someones life. While laws vary from location to location it is generally accepted that when...