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  1. SouthernSlammed

    Vortex Red Dots

    So, I think for my SET AR9 build I'm going to go with a red dot. I have Vortex optics on a couple of other rifles and believe that's who I'm leaning with for a red dot. Now, I have only shot one rifle with a red dot, a S&W 15-22 and couldn't tell you what it was, I just thought it was neat...
  2. L

    AR Scope

    Ok, need a little help. Looking to put a scope on my AR. Not looking to do anything crazy distance wise. I've looked at a few red dot scopes and some people say buy on that is 2x instead of 1x. Being inexperienced in this area will a 2x be better with a red dot? Does it make a difference vs...
  3. Leshaire

    Best bang for my buck Red Dot sight

    Best bang for my buck Red Dot sight Ok, I'm on the hunt for some red dot optics for three of my rifles. I have had a few Primary Arms (NON "advanced" cool kid models) that so far have been pretty darn good to me, especially at a nominal $80-90. I had an Aimpoint PRO that I loved a lot, but it...
  4. OreGear

    EOTech Substitute

    Will all of the issues going on surrounding EOTech optics, does anyone know of any other optics that use a halo and dot system? It seems like a great reticle for CQB and I have an SBR begging for one. I'm not interested in the cheap SightMark sights. Easily one of my worst purchases in my gun...