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  1. dougiemac

    Active Shooting Incident at WPAFB Hospital in Dayton, OH

    "There are reports of an active shooter at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base at the base hospital, according to an alert sent to base personnel. “Emergency responders are enroute. All WPAFB Gates are Closed. All personnel take cover. Limit all communication to emergency use only,” according to...
  2. David (OHGO)

    Ohio CCW Laws Quick References

    It is no secret that laws aren't really written so the common man can easily understand them any longer. So we're breaking it down in an easy to understand and read format for you. Anytime you are carrying a firearm, you want to make sure you are in full compliance with the law to ensure your...
  3. DTF23

    Ohio ccw with car holsters

    Anyone know the legality of these car holsters, the type where you attach the holster to the vehicle in some fashion and the gun is in there when you drive. I think it'd be a lot easier to draw the gun while sitting in your vehicle with one, but I don't want to be breaking the law by having my...
  4. T

    Hello ohio gun owners

    Hey Ohio Gun Owners! Saw this site linked from another Ohio CCW community I visit and figured what the heck looks pretty awesome here, def a lot more features. I'm Tim from Southeast Ohio over near the border of WV. I've been a shooter all my life and recently got in to reloading but still do...
  5. David (OHGO)

    [Article] - How to Renew Your CCW Permit in Ohio

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  6. D

    How to renew your ccw permit in ohio

    david submitted a new blog post How to Renew Your CCW Permit in Ohio Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  7. D

    How to properly transport firearms in a motor vehicle in ohio

    David submitted a new blog post How to Properly Transport Firearms in a Motor Vehicle in Ohio Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  8. dougiemac

    Mass Murder in Ohio

    Reports that 7 people are confirmed dead. "PIKE COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Several people were found dead in a mass shooting at a house on Union Hill Road in Pike County, law enforcement officials said Friday. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation has a large number of agents on the way and is...
  9. D

    Konus Bipod Reviews

    Anyone else try a Konus bipod? I just picked one up from the Sandusky Sportsman Club Gun Show off of Great Lakes GunWorx. Got it home, mounted it using the included mounting tools. Took about 3 minutes to get it unpacked, mounted and started testing it out. Overall it seems like an extremely...
  10. Hawkeye

    Hi People

    Hi everyone Im Hawkeye! Im from a small town in the armpit and meth capital of the world. We have a bunch of fake red necks and hill jacks around if you're ever looking for a weird place to visit then just come my way. Anyway right now I only have one gun but am always looking for more. I'd...
  11. JustinS

    2016 Ohio Gun Show Locations/times Thread

    If anyone knows of more please add them in a reply and i'll update this list as go. Maybe @David can attach it to the top with other useful information. February: Springfield Gun Show February 13th-14th Clark County Fair Grounds 4401 South Charleston Pike, Springfield Ohio, 45505...
  12. DTF23

    Facebook Just Shut My Group Down...

    So it looks like it has begun. Facebook just shut my group down. We were a small private group with only about 225 members for our small community. Logged in today and had the message waiting for me letting meknow it was removed for violating their policies. I dont know how long everyone elses...
  13. David (OHGO)

    Thank You!!!

    What a great idea to move all these groups off facebook and try to get them unified under one site! I never understood why Ohio needed 5459 gun groups just because some people have power trips and go nuts over being an admin is my only guess. Anyway im glad to be here, hopefully I can help...