Faktory 47
  1. Patryn

    TruPrep 8 Year Anniversary party

  2. Huddy

    Range Bags

    So I've come to the point where having a duffel full of random parts, ammo, tools, and accessories is killing my range time. I've started researching bags and am leaning toward the Osage river tacticool bag. Seems to have good organization and plenty of space. I plan to attach a small pouch for...
  3. dougiemac

    Theis Holster's Leather Jake Belt Review

    I am a bit of a belt snob. Since becoming serious about carrying a gun everyday many years ago, I made it a point to have quality gear and not skimp on things that I believe are necessities: a reliable gun, a well made holster and a good gun belt. Glock was my gun choice, @NSR Tactical was my...
  4. Double Feed

    Favorite hydration pack for outdoor activities?

    I seem to be collecting hydration packs on accident... Just reviewed another - Ergodyne is a company I didn't know much about but they make a solid hydration pack. What hydration pack do YOU use?
  5. TruPrep

    FYI Truprep

    Yall can host swap meets here anytime you want! Thanks, TruPrep
  6. David (OHGO)

    Hola Coma Estes

    Hey everyone I'm SO36. I am new around this part of the world, but miss online communities like this one. Hope to stick around and see more out of this place looks awesome so far.
  7. Machi

    Hard Cases For Pistols/rifles

    Anyone recommend some good hard carrying cases for rifles and pistols. I like the looks of those ones where they have the foam cut out in the shape of the gun but no clue where to buy such a thing.
  8. TheCompleteCombatant

    Guest Speaker at TCC was Tyler of BlackPoint Tactical

    The Complete Combatant - Thank you to our guest speaker, Tyler J of BlackPoint Tactical. Tyler presented on "the importance of good gear". We have several video clips that we will be sharing over time. This one is a bit about how the molding and clean break are important. Reality...your gun is...
  9. Kaotiktribe

    **Winter camping**

    Been trying to do 2 camping trips a year with my buddies. Ususally attempt one in the spring and the other in the fall, but due to conflicting schedules we couldnt all be available till December and i suspect it will be much colder than were used to. Any tips/tricks for winter camping? I do...
  10. Patryn

    The Preppers Vault Gear Swap - Vendors welcome

    Hey guys, November 14th we will hosting a large gear swap at our store. Of course SET is invited and yes guns are welcome. We will be having several vendors/stores being represented! Time is 1100-1400. On the menu: - Guns - Body Armor - Gear - Patches Feel free to bring your own table...
  11. dougiemac

    The BEST ThruNite TN12(2016) vs Fenix PD35 TAC Video Ever (and a Southeast Traders Shoutout)!

    My friend Jordan "FX Hummel" Winkler posted this great review comparing the two flashlights: ThruNite TN12 and the Fenix PD35 TAC (that was one of the great giveaway items donated by @AirOpsMgr)! *Also note the awesome Southeast Traders shirt and shoutout and Pipe Hitters Union hat!