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    GA **DEAL** Springfield Armory XDs Sub-Compact 9mm Deluxe Gear Package w/Extra Mags $425

    Up for sale (1) exceptionally clean Springfield Armory XDs Sub-Compact 9mm deluxe gear package. Includes everything from the factory. Without a doubt, the perfect all-around conceal carry. (2) 9+1 extended stainless mags (2) 7+1 standard stainless mags Pearce Grip Extensions SA outside the...
  2. R

    SOLD Glock 27 .40 S&W

    Item: Glock 27 .40 S&W Caliber: 40 S&W Location/Zip: 30252 Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $375 Trade Value or Items Looking For: Willing to Ship: no Bill of Sale Required?: yes Item Description: Up for sale Glock 27 gen 3 .40 S&W Great pistol, perfect for concealed carry or a truck...
  3. Axeman

    Pistol AR-15 - I'd like some thoughts from y'all

    I recently read a surprisingly well written article about the usefulness of AR pistols (can't remember which website). In the past I hadn't been a fan of the idea, especially since you couldn't set the thing to your shoulder, and I thought the ballistics of a .223 from a barrel shorter than 16"...
  4. David (OHGO)

    [Article] - New Gun Laws Went In To Effect Expanding Your Carry Rights

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  5. David (OHGO)

    Find an Approved Ohio CCW Instructor

    One of the requirements in getting your Ohio concealed carry license is to take a approved course. This course teachings everything from gun safety, to how to use your firearm and includes time at the range. In order to obtain your permit, you must attend a course taught by a approved...
  6. David (OHGO)

    2017 Ohio Concealed Carry Application Checklist

    In 2017 the concealed carry applications are expected to continue breaking records. With more Ohioans ever exercising their right to armed defense of themselves, family and friends. Applying for a license to carry a concealed weapon is simple and is even easier by following our guide. The Ohio...
  7. David (OHGO)

    2017 Guide To Ohio Concealed Carry Reciprocity States

    Since the State of Ohio began to issue concealed carry weapon permits (CCW Permits) we have been blessed with having reciprocity agreements with other starts to allow us to carry concealed. Currently Ohio has one of these best and most extensive reciprocity agreements in the country. States with...
  8. Steve22

    Is it legal to Post office concealed carry

    Is it legal to carry in to a post office that doesn't have the official no carry signage posted?
  9. Double Feed

    Conceal carry without a holster

    Techna Clip. I've reviewed two of these now, one for Glock 42 and one for M&P Shield. Not important which pistol is better as it's just personal preference, but what do you guys think about the clip? Anyone use it?
  10. dougiemac

    CCW Must Declare States

    * NOTE: The date of publication of this article. Please refer to your local and stae laws for more up to date information as they could change. Alabama – If Asked (No known duty to inform law enforcement) Alaska – Yes (Always) Arizona – If Asked (If Asked – Yes) Arkansas – Yes – When Asked For...
  11. dougiemac

    Minneapolis Concealed Carrier Shot Dead

    *WARNING - NSFW LANGUAGE & BLOOD* This one is a little more tricky. The recent police shooting in Baton Rouge was a felon who had a gun, who was fighting with two police offers. The shooting that occurred yesterday in Minneapolis was a licensed concealed carrier, albeit a black man, who was...
  12. RangerTim

    Defensive shooting skills class

    I have some open slots in the June 26th Defensive Shooting Skills class. It is 4hrs, 100% range time. This class is designed for those who already have their CCW permit but want to improve their skill level with their pistol. DSS is normally $75, but I am extending a discount to OHGO members and...
  13. dougiemac

    9th District Circuit Court Rules No Right To Carry

    Yesterday the 9th District Circuit Court ruled that a U.S. citizen does NOT have the right to carry a firearm and that the 2nd Amendment does not protect the right to carry. I've heard some say... "well that's California, it doesn't affect me." Well, I believe differently. First, the 9th...
  14. T

    Hello ohio gun owners

    Hey Ohio Gun Owners! Saw this site linked from another Ohio CCW community I visit and figured what the heck looks pretty awesome here, def a lot more features. I'm Tim from Southeast Ohio over near the border of WV. I've been a shooter all my life and recently got in to reloading but still do...
  15. David (OHGO)

    [Article] - How to Renew Your CCW Permit in Ohio

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    How to renew your ccw permit in ohio

    david submitted a new blog post How to Renew Your CCW Permit in Ohio Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
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    How to properly transport firearms in a motor vehicle in ohio

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    Best handguns for concealed carry in ohio

    I'm looking to put together a list of handguns that are good for concealment in Ohio. With the ride range of weather we experience in any given week (and sometimes day) finding that one gun that fits all seasons can be difficult. Anyone have their top 2-3 favorite handguns for concealment in Ohio?
  19. dougiemac

    Adam Corolla on Concealed Carry and the NRA

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    How to properly aim with iron sights

    David submitted a new blog post How to properly aim with Iron Sights Continue reading the Original Blog Post.