Howard Law
  1. Jhunter

    WTB Parts for NHM 91

    Looking to buy the following parts for an NHM 91: Semi-Auto Safety Lever (Must be correct to "RPK" Style due to the thickness of Receiver) Original Bipod Bakelite Grip Full Original Wood Set I'd prefer items to be shipped; however, willing to travel within 2 hours for the Semi-Auto Selector if...
  2. dougiemac

    Explosion at Romanian arms company cuts US AK deliveries

    Quantities of WASR’s and Draco’s are about to go down, demand go up and of course prices will follow in 3...2...1.... “The tragic blast has impacted one of the US’s top AK manufacturers. Florida-based Century Arms said in a statement the plant accident puts the future of Romanian imports for...
  3. SouthernSlammed

    What To Short Barrel 1st?

    So, which would you Short Barrel 1st? Why? Of course all three are on the chopping block, but who should go 1st? I'm torn, my thought is AR first, since I could do several different caliber uppers. But that AK would be great too!!! So...
  4. HossHeir

    Reverse Donkey Dong

    My buddy is trying to take a regular AK-47 Donkey Dong grip and make it into a reverse donkey dong so it can fit with his underfolder. The reverse ones are hard to come by and they’re exptensive. Was just wondering if anyone has ever made one, or if anyone has one to sell. First pic is his...
  5. Leshaire

    Rifle Dynamics DMR is dooope

    Anyone with the slightest interest in AKs has probably heard of Jim Fuller. If they’ve ever researched American AKs, they’ve seen the name Rifle Dynamics. Rifle Dynamics has recently been working on a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) Kalashnikov build: the RD 700 DMR. Why? Three reasons, as they...
  6. dougiemac

    Kalashnikov 400 Series

  7. Leshaire

    Talk me into/out of the AK74 platform and adding a new caliber

    Ok I have become pretty partial to the AKM platform. I love my "47"s so very much, and I enjoy shooting the 762x39 round. I have tons of 762 mags and ammo and a couple "47"s. However, I am looking to expand a little for versatility, price of ammo and shooting a bit further. I am starting to...
  8. dougiemac

    The Holy Grail of Kalashnikov's

    If someone has a chunk of change sitting around and nothing to do with it... there's a Holy Grail of Kalashnikov's over on GunBroker.com. Russian Type1 AK-47 PLO Original Barrel AK47 "The crown jewel for the ultimate AK collection. This is one of about four known to exist in the US...
  9. dougiemac

    ComBlock Suppressed - I Want This!

  10. Leshaire

    AK Buyers guide help thread

    Ok so I found this whilst browsing reddit this morning and thought I would share here because there is some good info and there seems to be more and more AK love going on around here. Shoutout to the OP /u/GrittyHandjob _____________________________ At the request/interest of a couple of...
  11. dougiemac

    Man Fires Gun At Himself Underwater

    Would you do this? I wouldn't... although I'm 100% positive this guy did many tests prior to putting his "life on the line".
  12. Leshaire

    $5M class action suit filed against Century Arms

    Just saw this on Century Arms. Just when I really thought they were doing well and selling pretty quality rifles. Not that I personally give a crap about a safety, but still a warning if anything that QA/QC and testing is subpar... A class action lawsuit brought against Century Arms claims the...
  13. dougiemac

    Naked AK Slow Mo

  14. dougiemac

    Badass Rifle Dynamics Video

  15. dougiemac

    First 100% American Made AK SBR

    You heard it on SoutheastTraders FIRST! My source at Century Arms has dropped a teaser on what will be dropping at SHOT Show this year... the first 100% American made AK SBR! The C39V2 SBR 12".
  16. dougiemac

    AK vs AR ...the meme war!