Howard Law
  1. Red Squirrel 556

    CLOSED Zenitco railed top cover

    Zenitco railed top cover. Brand new with documents(I guess they're for this... could be a Russian blender or something... IDK), and all factory hardware. Pretty much the best you can get. YOU NEED A ZENITCO LOWER HAND GUARD TO USE THIS!!! 180 picked up or you handle shipping. Retails $290 on...
  2. 2Glocks

    SOLD WTS/WTT Silver Coins (Quarters, Half Dollars, Dollars)

    Item Name: FS/FT Silver Coins Location: Alpharetta/Woodstock GA Zip Code: 30188 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: 325 Trade Value or Items Looking For: AK-47 with cash on my end (not interested WASRs) or SKS Caliber: Good ole' U.S. Mint Item Description: Have you been watching too many...

    SOLD AK47 Sale Pending Meet.

    Sale Pending Meet. New in box AK47. Model AMD65 by TGI. FEG receiver. Made in Hungary. 7.62x39 These are no longer available for import since 2012. Has a 12.6 inch chrome lined barrel with pinned and weld muzzle break for overall length of 16 inches. This is the original barrel not a...
  4. Miles

    SOLD Galil ACE furniture

    Location: Carrollton Zip Code: 30116 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 75.00 Caliber: 7.62x39 Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: New take off furniture from 7.62x39 Galil ACE PISTOL. Includes handgrip screw. Mag well and pistol grip module will work work...
  5. dougiemac

    Arsenal’s AK-20

    Arsenal is following suit of some smaller boutique AK shops and upping the ante with their new AK-20 being introduced at SHOT Show this week.
  6. DMR

    SOLD Sold

    CZ Ess-Pee Ohh One Location: Grayson Zip Code: 30078 Item is for: Sale or Trade Trade Value or Items Looking For: $600, WASR AK, nice AR, CZ P01 plus $75, CZ P10c plus $150, Sig P229 or 320c FDE plus $100. Caliber: 9mm Item Description: Excellent condition CZ SP01 Tactical, recent...
  7. S

    MA SOE Micro Rigs for sale! (OD Green AK/M4 Micro Rig with H Harness, and 12 Gauge Micro Rig)

    Both in excellent condition, bought second hand. Both on eBay under username "stephebainto5". Hopefully I'm using this site correctly.
  8. dougiemac

    Explosion at Romanian arms company cuts US AK deliveries

    Quantities of WASR’s and Draco’s are about to go down, demand go up and of course prices will follow in 3...2...1.... “The tragic blast has impacted one of the US’s top AK manufacturers. Florida-based Century Arms said in a statement the plant accident puts the future of Romanian imports for...
  9. dougiemac


    A new batch of PMAGS have hit the Southeast Traders store today! We have only a limited number of PMAGS in stock, so get them NOW while you can. These Gen M3 PMAGS have the new Southeast Traders curved retro logo! So even if you had purchased some before with the previous logo, this will give...
  10. SouthernSlammed

    What To Short Barrel 1st?

    So, which would you Short Barrel 1st? Why? Of course all three are on the chopping block, but who should go 1st? I'm torn, my thought is AR first, since I could do several different caliber uppers. But that AK would be great too!!! So...
  11. Woodstock

    Get Off Yer Ass and Get To This Rally

    I know it's hard to put down that greasy chicken wing from KFC, the oreos and midget porn, and support your 2A rights that are under assault- but it's time to get serious. Besides, there's roach coaches that will be available for your fine dining and discriminating pallette. Seriously, it's...
  12. G


    Item:Daewoo DR200 Caliber:223/5.56 Location/Zip:31205 Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $850 Trade Value or Items Looking For:ak47 Willing to Ship:no Bill of Sale Required?:no Item Description: Here is a Korean made Daewoo Dr200. Its in great shape. It will come with 2 AT mags. Photos:
  13. ironcladft

    SOLD Like New GSG AK-47 .22 with 2 extra Mags!

    Item: GSG AK-47 .22 with extra magazines Caliber: .22 Long Rifle Location/Zip: 30534 Item is For Sale or Trade or Both:For Sale $325.00 Trade Value or Items Looking For: Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Like New GSG AK-47 chambered in .22 long rifle. Fired...
  14. CHirt

    SOLD Arsenal SAM7K

    Item:Arsenal SAM7K-01R Caliber:7.26x39 Location/Zip:Cartersville 30184 Item is For Sale: $1200.00 (open to all serious offers) Trade Value or Items Looking For:3 Glocks in 9mm Willing to Ship:Yes Bill of Sale Required?:no Item Description: Will travel within a reasonable distance...
  15. HossHeir

    Reverse Donkey Dong

    My buddy is trying to take a regular AK-47 Donkey Dong grip and make it into a reverse donkey dong so it can fit with his underfolder. The reverse ones are hard to come by and they’re exptensive. Was just wondering if anyone has ever made one, or if anyone has one to sell. First pic is his...
  16. CameronJoseph

    SOLD AK74 stuff

    Item: Magpul Zhukov stock ($70), AK74 Circle 10 magazine($25), and AK74 Circle 25 magazine($40) Location/Zip: Newnan/Kennesaw, GA Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: Both but preferably sale Trade Value or Items Looking For: Open to any offers Willing to Ship: YES Bill of Sale Required?: No...
  17. us1guns

    CLOSED Early Chinese SKS Ghost gun

    Item:EARLY "Ghost" Chinese SKS Caliber: 7.62X39 Location/Zip: 34952 Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $525 Trade Value or Items Looking For:: Willing to Ship: Will ship from/to FFL Bill of Sale Required?: Yes along with FFL of destination Item Description: 1956 Chinese SKS.....Rare...
  18. dougiemac

    GA Rare Polish Underfolder AK47 (Milled)

    Item: Rare Polish Underfolder AK47 (Milled) Caliber: 7.62x39 Location/Zip: 30189 Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $700 Trade Value or Items Looking For: ? Try Me ? Willing to Ship: Naaaa Bill of Sale Required?: HellNah Item Description: Rare Polish CNC Warrior built Underfolder. Milled...
  19. Leshaire

    Rifle Dynamics DMR is dooope

    Anyone with the slightest interest in AKs has probably heard of Jim Fuller. If they’ve ever researched American AKs, they’ve seen the name Rifle Dynamics. Rifle Dynamics has recently been working on a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) Kalashnikov build: the RD 700 DMR. Why? Three reasons, as they...
  20. dougiemac

    Kalashnikov 400 Series