RCBS Chargemaster Lite


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Mar 27, 2015
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I have spent about a month using the Chargemaster Lite for my rifle reloading. The results have been very satisfactory. When using ball powder, it has yet to miss a throw with about 200 loaded at .308/.270 levels. When loading long extruded powder such as IMR 4064 and 4895 for service rifle and hunting loads, about 1 out of 50 goes 1/10 grain high. I have used the tool to load approximately 400 total of 30-06, 7.62x54r, and 30-30. It certainly is a time saver loading different powders not having to change settings on a powder thrower. Even using one powder per thrower, I have discovered some density differences from lot to lot requiring recalibration. Generally I don't use more than 1lb at the time, so the hopper is plenty big for me. It is easy to calibrate and clean out. The negative is that the drain does not lock positively into place, so after draining care must be taken not to pour the new powder out. The Chargemaster Lite gets two thumbs up from old man handloader. I will be sticking with a thrower for my handgun, since it is loaded progressively. However for heavy 310 gas checked flat nose .44 mag loads of Win 296, the RCBS will be getting the nod. This is a tool that I have confidence in, and at the sale price, would make a nice addition to your bench.
Apr 10, 2016
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I used a Gempro for a few years, but only shooting 600 and in service rifle I was the weak point, not my ammunition. The Gempro is a fantastic electronic scale.
Better the shooter the weak point than the gear or ammo. I figure that I know my stuff does what it's supposed to do, therefore, misses ae inadequate performance are me.
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