Foreign Weapons and Obscure Builds V3

Preparedness Depot in Acworth, GA


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Kalash Klub
Oct 14, 2019
The good looking one, this picture was taken at Subbase Pearl Harbor shortly after we caused the down fall of the Soviet Union, thus winning the cold war. Its of significant historical value, while many reasons are given for the Soviet union's demise, this is the auctual truth, a group of diverse individuals, most of whom have a distinct fondness for large quantities of alcohol, females of question morals and an utter lack of respect for positional authority, going to sea in vessels designed to sink built by the lowest bidder.
@TRS When were you in? I went in 76 and got out 83 STS1 (SS)


Black Bear under anesthesia
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Kalash Klub
Jul 1, 2015
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Happy Thanksgiving all.

My parents decided that they CAN leave the house for breakfast.

However we all slept like shit bc Warner Robins/Centerville has been out of power since about 3 am. I didn't sleep bc I couldn't use the CPAP, wife couldn't sleep cuz of my snoring so she's a bit bitchy this morning. *a bit* Hmmm.

@FarewellToKings you got power?

I hope my fish hang in there. Tank is 73° and dropping, they like to be around 80°

No filtration/powerheads running either so no aeration but I think/hope they'll be ok.