22lr is a finicky lil bitch...

Howard Law


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Apr 10, 2016
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She's all done. Added weight to get it to balance ahead of the magwell. Played with scopes and landed on the gen 2 razor as it had enough elevation to dial 500. Plan was to put an atacr 7-35 on top, but had significantly less adjustment remaining after I zero at 50. Shame, cause I like that 35x magnification when trying to hit a quarter inch Kyl swinger at 75 yards. T3 reticle is working great with running 3mph wind dots. 10 shot groups are averaging about .4 inches at 100 now.

Was planning on turning the atacr into a zco, but the razor is doing everything I ask of it, running it out to 500 a couple times now. Gonna go against every grain of myself and not mess with what is working.

Only real point of note is that I'm not particularly impressed with the gen 2 ckye pod. Not bad, and love the versatility, but it isn't living up to the hype.