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  1. dougiemac

    Ft. Worth, TX Church Shooting

    Video footage of the Fort Worth, TX Chirch shooting today, December 29, 2019. Bad guy seemed to be using a Mossberg Shockwave 12g shotgun or something similar. The church had a number of men on security detail that were armed, however it appears that many weren’t trained well and kept their...
  2. dougiemac

    Pipe Hitters Union Thin Blue Line Shirt - 100% Charity

    In a collaborative effort with @dsteindesigns and our boys over at Pipe Hitter Union MC, this special t-shirt is being sold to raise money for the families of the fallen officers in Dallas, Texas. 100% of the profits from the sale of this shirt will be donated to support these families. These...
  3. dougiemac

    A Day After Shootapalooza 2016 - Truck Busts Thru Gun Store

    WAXAHACHIE Police say thieves have used a stolen truck to smash through the brick wall of a North Texas gun store and steal firearms. Waxahachie police say the theft happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Police did not immediately announce any arrests. A gaping hole was left in the side of the...
  4. dougiemac

    Attn Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line

    Leave it to my boys from Texas to absolutely KILL IT making fun of Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line and others. Get on it Kevin Fowler and my boy Zane Williams!
  5. dougiemac

    Woman Missing For 40 Years Found Safe in Texas

    "A woman missing from her Laurel, IN home for more than 40 years has been found safe living in a small town in south Texas. Lula Ann Gillespie-Miller, then 28-years-old, signed her three children over to her parents feeling that she was too young to be a mother in 1974, according to Indiana...
  6. D

    University Of Texas At Austin To Allow Concealed Carry

    Is this a first? I can't think of any other universities that allow for concealed carry on to campus? Full story: http://nbc4i.com/2016/02/17/university-of-texas-to-allow-guns-in-classrooms/
  7. dougiemac

    Texas Plumber Sues Car Dealership Over ISIS

    "A Texas plumber has filed a lawsuit against a car dealership after a used truck he traded in showed up on the front lines in Syria being used by Islamist fighters, with the logo and phone number of his company, Mark-1 Plumbing, still visible on the doors." Read more...
  8. dougiemac

    Greatest Lawyer Commercial Ever!

    Bryan E. Wilson, Texas Law Hawk! This is a real treat. If I'm ever arrested in Texas, THIS guy is getting a phone call from me.
  9. dougiemac

    Official Jason Isbell Thread

    I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Jason Isbell, or perhaps his old band, The Drive-by Truckers, but I've been a fan of his for a few years. Last time I saw him was at the Shakey Boots Festival in Kennesaw, GA this past summer and I'm looking forward to seeing him this month in...
  10. dougiemac

    Texas Gun Fest

    Anyone heading to Texas Gun Fest? http://www.texasgunfest.com/ I believe I will be.
  11. dougiemac

    I'm Offended!

    Once again it's that time... what time is it you say? It's time we're all offended by something and demand that it stops immediately! Drivers in Texas are calling this roadside display offensive and demand that it be removed...