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  1. dougiemac

    Warrior Poet Society & IV8888 Best Inexpensive AR-15

    John Lovell, Chad and Eric from IV8888 discuss the best inexpensive AR15...oh and hey, look at that snazzy hat! Share the video!
  2. dougiemac

    Happy 3 Year Anniversary Southeast Traders!

    Happy 3rd Anniversary to the Southeast Traders Community! On June 22, 2015, Southeast Traders was born. It was born out of a need for an alternative to the establishment. It was born out of a need to provide a better experience with more personal privacy, personal freedoms and creating an...
  3. dougiemac

    We Have An App!

    We finally have an app! Whether you’re a iOS geek or a Android nerd, you can enjoy SoutheastTraders now on a convenient app! Although the site itself is mobile responsive and very friendly to use, some enjoy the convenience of an app on their device for quick and easy access. The app does not...
  4. H

    Nolan's Mindset Giveaway

    New here. Heard a lot about it and finally came over.
  5. bccain

    I love SET more than you do...

    I love SET more than you do and I can prove it. What say ye? How much do you love SET?
  6. Cudruln

    CLOSED Official 5k GAW

    Alright ladies, gents and @Laufen the time has come, I have now officially reached 5000 post. The GAW will run till December 24th and on the 25th I will do the drawing for the winner. The winner will be able to choose 1 of the 3 freaking awesome prizes. 1. Lower and LPK from @DoglegArms 2...
  7. dougiemac

    Off the Ranch: SoutheastTraders

  8. dougiemac

    Southeast Traders Emergency Shelter Thread

    NEED SHLTER If you're a member of SoutheastTraders and need a place to take shelter from the impending hurricane, please let it be known. PROVIDE SHELTER Also, if you're a member of SoutheastTraders and can help provide shelter to another member of the community, please let it be known. BE...
  9. dougiemac

    Help Wanted

    Southeast Traders is looking for some internet ninjas to help make the site even better. If you have or know anyone that has some mad skills in any of these areas, please message me. Google Double-Click For Publishers (DFP) Google AdWords Google Analytics and Tag Manager Search Engine...
  10. dougiemac

    CLOSED SET 3,000 Member Pool - $20 Amazon Gift Card

    Guess when the 3,000 member will be registered and win! Guess the: Date Time (please indicate AM or PM or use 24-hr time) State (that the member is registered from) Member that is closet to the day wins. The time and state will be the tie-breaker if there is any. Each member is eligible...
  11. dougiemac

    TruPrep Anniversary Mega Party - 10/08/2016

    We are happy and proud to have been asked to be a VIP sponsor for the @TruPrep 5th Anniversary Party on October 8th, 2016 from 11:00-15:00! We are looking for anyone who would like to help with the VIP tent and table that we will have set up there. Here's the details: TruPrep 1000 Cobb...
  12. dougiemac

    Helping a Fellow Brother Out

    Sometimes money is better spent on people than anything else. Rather than buying more ads space or donating more to the NRA with what little comes in from ad traffic, it's better to help a brother in need, regardless of what gun forum they belong to, because we are all apart of the gun community...
  13. dougiemac

    State of the Trader

    So... as we pass our first year of existence, I have learned a lot. I have made many mistakes and celebrated many victories with you all. I've listened to the community and to forum experts, and have realized that we all have many opinions, ideas, suggestions and ways to do things. Some of...
  14. dougiemac

    Democrats Sit-In = SET NRA Donation

    If you'd like to contribute, feel free to sponsor an hour by using the donate button at the bottom of the page.
  15. dougiemac

    SET One Year Anniversary Party - Cigars, Burgers and Beer: Smoke Swap, Meet & Eat

    To celebrate one year of SoutheastTraders, I am officially inviting you to the SET One Year Anniversary Party! We will be meeting at Donovan's Irish Cobbler in Towne Lake on Rose Creek. This is not only for SET members but their friends and even our friends at ODT, and any other gun forum...
  16. dougiemac

    SoutheastTraders Turns 1 Year Old Tomorrow!

    SoutheastTraders turns 1 year old tomorrow (June 21)!
  17. dougiemac

    Cigar and Burgers - Smoke Swap, Meet & Eat

    Although we are a community spread across the entire Southeast U.S. and we encourage members the organize their own Meet & Greet Gatherings, I wanted to get a cigar night going on a regular basis on the northside of Atlanta. So here's what I proposing...for all of us who enjoy a good cigar...
  18. dougiemac

    SoutheastTraders Commercial

    We are very excited and proud to announce we have our very first 60 sec commercial! It is being blasted on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube as we speak! However I need YOU to help us spread the word by SHARING this video on every channel, every platform, every person you know, via email, text...
  19. dougiemac

    Southeast Traders Sponsoring the Donovan's Irish Cobbler Annual Charity Golf Outing!

    Southeast Traders is proud to sponsor the 6th Annual Donovan's Irish Cobbler Charity Golf Outing benefiting "Never Alone".
  20. dougiemac

    STATE FLAGS - New Site Enhancement

    A New Site Enhancement has been released to SoutheastTraders, US State Flags! As we continue to grow across the entire Southeast and beyond, it will be important to know who you are dealing with and where they reside to maintain Federal law when purchasing and selling firearms. For existing...