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    CARRY UPGRADES - Glock 43 - Part 2 - Sights & Mag Extensions

    So this is part 2 of my quest to make the Glock 43 "MY" Ultimate Carry Gun! Let me know what you guys think!
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    SB Tactical "PDW Brace" Install - SET Pistol Build | Part 2

    So im in the process of putting together a 10.5" pistol build using my Southeast Traders lower. I dont have all the parts to officially get the build kicked off but I couldnt wait any longer and HAD to get this brace installed!!
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    1ST HUNDRED - S&W M&P 2.0 Compact

    So I was finally able to take the new 2.0 Compact out to the range and put the first 100 rounds though it! Here's how it went!
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    "ISSUES" Diamondback DB15 Pistol - Part 1 | New Parts

    A buddy got ahold of me and asked if I would take a look at is 7.5" DB15 pistol. He said it wouldn't feed no matter what he did. So I tore into it and found an issue and for "part 1" ill be getting some replacement parts installed. Stay tuned for Part 2 when we are out at the range.
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    Glock 43 Carry Upgrades - Part 1 | Range Test

    So im on a quest to make the G43 the ultimate carry gun ...... for me. So this is Part 1 and im out at the range testing out the new grip tape from Sand Paper Pistol Grips along with my new Holster from Harrys Holsters. As I do more to the G43 ill definitely make more videos.
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    CARBON FIBER AWESOMENESS - Harry's Holsters G43 | First Look

    So I just received my new holster for my G43 from Harry's Holsters. This time I decided to give the Carbon Fiber pattern a try and man does it look GOOD!! Along with the Holster, I also got some of his new mag carriers that i'll be trying out so definitely stay tuned for more videos!
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    "Quick Draw" Live - #BoycottTheNFL

    I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on the BS thats happening with the NFL right now and also see what you guys have to say as well. So to do this, I decided to do it live and also create a new live stream called "Quick Draw" Live. With these live streams, they will be shorter and stay on...
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    PewTuber Podcast Ep.2

    Here is Episode 2 of the PewTuber Podcast. If you aren't familiar with this, I recently started a podcast/livestream on my youtube channel. I plan on doing these a couple times a week if you'd like to join in!!
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    "PewTuber Podcast" Ep.1 - My First Live Stream!!

    Ok so i've decided to try something new on my youtube channel. And what Im talking about is my new podcast/live stream the "PewTuber Podcast" This was my first attempt at a live stream and I think overall it went pretty well! It was a lot of fun and ill definitely be doing more! Check out the...
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    ** 9,000 SUBS ** - New Builds - Live Videos - Website Giveaway

    Alright so I just threw up a quick video mainly to thank everyone who has subscribed and shown support for the channel. Also I wanted to talk about some upcoming builds, possible live videos and an update on the website exclusive giveaway! Check it out!
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    DOES IT PERFORM?? | CZ 75 P-01 - First Range Trip

    So today was finally the day that I got to take the new CZ 75 P-01 to the range! Did it perform? Check out the video and find out.
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    Rifle Projects - Pistol Build - Moving Forward With The Channel

    For this video im discussing and looking for opinion on a couple rifle projects, an upcoming pistol build and also what I plan to do moving forward with the channel. Check out the video and give me your feedback.
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    Colt vs BCM | A Closer Look

    So I was asked by a viewer to do comparison of the Colt and the BCM rifles. They wanted a more "close up" look of both meaning finishes,materials used, BCG's etc..... So here's what I came up with. Take a look and let me know what you guys' opinions are on this as well. Colt or BCM??
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    Custom guns are stupid......... says the internet! So Ive received multiple comments on a particular video telling me how stupid it is to modify, personalize or customize your firearms. So I thought I would make a video and share my opinion. Let me know what you guys think.
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    HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT - Vanquest Rackit-36 "GEN 2" Covert Rifle Pack

    So I had the opportunity to try out one of the Vanquest Gear Rackit-36 Gen 2 Covert rifle packs and ive gotta say, i'm pretty impressed! If you are looking for a discrete way to carry a rifle and/or pistol, this might be the pack for you. Check out the video and let me know what you guys think.
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    Sig Sauer Legion vs Wilson Combat Beretta | Which One Is Best??

    Ok so this is going to be part 2 of my Beretta vs Sig video. When I did the first video It was meant to be towards Beretta "in general" and Sig "in general" but for this go around that has changed. Since I recently decked out my Beretta M9 in Wilson Combat Parts, I thought it was be fun to do...
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    Wilson Combat Beretta - Part 4 | Beretta Skeletonized Elite II Hammer

    Alright, so I just finished up installing the final part to the Wilson Combat Beretta Project. Although it technically isn't a Wilson part, I think it really tops this project off. Take a look at the video and let me know what you guys think.......
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    Wilson Combat Beretta - Part 3 | Grips, Mag Release & Guide Rod (VIDEO)

    Ok so here is part 3 of my Wilson Combat Beretta Project. This has been a fun project and its reaching the final product. Let me know what you guys think.
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    Wilson Combat Beretta - Part 2 | Short Reach Trigger and Duty Springs (VIDEO)

    Just finished up part 2 of the Wilson Combat Beretta Project and for this part I installed the WC Short Reach Trigger and the "DUTY USE" Spring kit. Check out the video and let me know what you guys think.
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    Carolina Laser Works UID Tags | Sopmod Block 1 Clone Build (Video)

    Im in the process of putting together a Sopmod Block 1 Clone Build and I just added something to the build that gives it a more authentic look. What I added is a custom UID tag from Carolina Laser Works! Its well made, cost friendly and it just looks awesome! Check out the video to see the tag...