GA Firing Line
  1. dougiemac

    NFA Process Modernized For Fast Approvals

    NFA Process Modernized For Fast Approvals...still not a repeal, but I'll take faster approvals over the 9 mo. I've waited in the past! "Without rule changes, regulation amendments, politicians or legislation, a partnership between the U.S. government and a small private industry group has...
  2. KGmade

    KGmade EOS-22 Closer Look Video

    Many of you have wanted a closer look. Heres a quick video explaining it and showing how it comes apart. Feel free to ask any other questions
  3. dougiemac

    Pros and Cons of SBR'ing

    Pro's and Con's of SBR'ing? PRO: Badass CON: $200 Tax PRO: Rids you of stupid "braces" CON: Can't cross state lines without ATF document approval
  4. dougiemac

    Important Update on ATF-41F

    An important update on the implementation on ATF-41F: ATF Asserts Fingerprints and Photographs Will Be Required With All Applications After July 13, 2016 ATF Advises Postmark of Applications Will Determine Grandfathering Read more...
  5. Red Dawn

    Quiet Riot Tour

    Come join us at Griffin Gun Club 550 Amelia Road , Griffin Ga 30224 as we host Quiet Riot Georgia! We will be on location with Silencerco from 10am-5pm, Dec. 6th 2015, to demo their entire line of products, answer any questions, setup NFA Trusts, and even sell suppressors. If you have been...
  6. Red Dawn

    News From SilencerCo

    Quiet Riot Tour is coming soon. Hands on and you actually get to test some products out.
  7. dougiemac

    Spikes Tactical Recluse 9mm Integrally Suppressed

    Spike's Tactical launched a new rifle today. Introducing the Recluse. 9MM integrally suppressed. Single stamp gun. Colt mags AR platform. Single stamp gun hits the streets soon at $1995 dollars! This gun eats affordable supersonic ammo and our ported barrel slows the bullet down to subsonic.
  8. Red Dawn

    SETs NFA Pics Thread

    I finally got in the game. Picked up my first can this past weekend and couldn't be happier. I went with the SilencerCo Spectre II to start out with. Got the call to pick it up and filled out the paperwork for a 9mm can. Already thinking about a 30 cal can. It's addicting once you get 1. Feel...
  9. dougiemac

    Breaking My Full Auto Cherry

    Thanks to @Mac11FA for breaking my full auto cherry at the SoutheastTraders Machine Gun Meet & Greet BBQ Extravaganza! This is an open bolt (full auto) MAC 11 suppressed.
  10. dougiemac

    ATF: Soda Can Launcher is AOW

    The ATF is at it again with their ridiculous definitions. "X Products came out with a nifty little device a while back that uses blank 5.56 NATO cartridges to launch soda cans through the air. It was a really cool and fun concept, and we’ve had a blast using it.Apparently the ATF has caught...