Faktory 47
  1. CameronJoseph

    GA Safariland 6384RDS ALS Glock 19 LH & TREX ARMS Ragnarok Glock 19 LH Multicam

    Here's a Safariland 6384RDS ALS Left Hand Glock 19 w/ light, and red dot sight for $120. The Safariland comes with a plug kit and a QLS Fork attached. I'm also selling a TREX ARMS Ragnarok Glock 19 Left hand in Multicam for $30 that doesn't come with any mounting hardware. I never used these...
  2. Cudruln


    Item: Theis holster and laser Location/Zip:Georgia Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $125 Trade Value or Items Looking For: Looking for a streamlight (or comparable) rail mounted light for the night stand m&p pro. Willing to Ship: most def for $5 Bill of Sale Required?: only for @Rwjeter...
  3. P

    Dig P220 holster

    Sig P220 hybrid holster $40.00 shipped PayPal FF only
  4. fortresstactical

    NC Raven Phantom H&K P30 Holster RH

    $50 shipped - H&K P30 USED/AS-NEW RAVEN CONCEALMENT PHANTOM HOLSTER right hand model RCSP30RHBKFLSTD-150 with full shield, OWB standard 1.5" belt loops & factory box. Text or call Mike @ 828-279-8546 if needed. PayPal friends and family only please!
  5. E

    SOLD White Hat Holster for Glock 19

    Item: White Hat Holster Glock 19 Location/Zip: 56455 Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $ 20.00 Trade Value or Items Looking For: no trades Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Max tuck for 9/40 Glocks Photos:
  6. Rachie

    Holster causing pants to fall, how can i keep pants up??

    I have a holster for my glock 43 and its causing my pants to sag extremely bad on the carry side. Not only does it not look nice on me, its kind of a give away that im carrying. How can i keep my pants up while carrying a firearm, especially a small framed one like the Glock 43??
  7. Double Feed

    GAW NEW Twitter-free GAW ;)

    Ok, so at the request of the cool people here at Southeast Traders, we designed a giveaway to be completely free of social media. Woot! I should mention, I am also working on one for SET users, but holy crap life is busy right now :) Crossfire holsters... they're pretty rad. So you should...
  8. TheGoodHolsterCompany

    Hey Ya'll, I'm new so have patience

    My name's Micah, I run a small company here in Warner Robins making quality Kydex Holsters (production and custom) and similar items. I am in the process of transitioning out of my 12 year career as a Tattooer and Body Piercer to take on holster making full time and eventually expanding into...
  9. dougiemac

    NSR Tactical Halloween Sale

    NSRTACTICAL.COM HALLOWEEN WEEKEND SALE!! 20% off on orders over $50. Please share this with your friends. Comment below what you are buying. Not valid for quick ship items. The TDI/sheath combo. (reason being I would actually lose money) Auction items Or the DIY section Use Promo Code...
  10. dougiemac

    Urban Carry Holster

    Has anyone seen these? What do you make of it? http://urbancarryholsters.com/
  11. dougiemac

    CLOSED ****GIVEAWAY WEEK SURPRISE****Bum Equipped Custom Holster***

    ****GIVEAWAY WEEK SURPRISE****Bum Equipped Custom Holster*** Bum Equipped Custom Holster - Donated by everyone's longtime buddy, Jason Rosenbum (@JBum) at Bum Equipped Enter ONLY once by typing... "My favorite bum is @JBum!" Winner will be selected randomly.
  12. dougiemac


    ***GIVEAWAY WEEK SURPRISE***GREENFORCE TACTICAL PRIZE PACK!*** This awesome prize package is donated by Greenforce Tactical at GreenforceTactical.com This prize package is worth well over $200! Custom Greenforce Tactical Holster (they choose type and colors, etc based off specs on our website...
  13. dougiemac

    Stupidity 1 - Appendix Carry 0

    Man shoots himself in the groin reholstering appendix style. http://bearingarms.com/man-dies-attempting-appendix-carry-reholster-milkwaukee