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  1. dougiemac

    Trayvon Martin Kel-Tec PF9 Auction

    Wanna buy a Kel-Tec for ...well starting bid on GunBroker is $5K. It's the infamous gun that George Zimmerman used to defend his life and smoke Trayvon Martin. Apparently he just got it back from the DOJ and is putting up for auction...
  2. TheCompleteCombatant

    GUNSMITH Josh Mallet w/ The Complete Combatant

    The Complete Combatant: Guest Speaker Joshua Mallet of Armisted Armory! Josh is a certified Gunsmith located in Alpharetta and has been in the biz a long time. He is trusted by many, including Brian Hill, your head coach. We asked Josh to be our guest speaker and discuss maintenance and more...
  3. H

    What Type Of Ammo Do You Use In Your Edc?

    What type of ammo is everyone using in their everyday carry gun of choice? I ran some cheap hallowpoints in my hipoint but they always fired so I wasn't super worried. and I knew i probably wouldn't have to shoot through concrete bricks and stuff lol.
  4. ChromeFreak123


    Customer brought a 1911 to the shop with a locked up slide. This is what I found after I was able to disassemble. : )