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  1. dougiemac

    Great Fiocchi Ammo Interview

    Great look at Fiocchi, the 140 year old, family owned ammunition company that employs over 100 Americans. DEFINITELY stay to the end where you'll see a awesome shoutout! Subscribe and watch more of the HossUSMC: SUBSCRIBE
  2. Ohio Gun Owner

    How Much Ammo Do You Stockpile?

    Just wondering how much ammo everyone stockpiles for the favorite calibers? I currently try to keep about 5000 rounds of .223/5.56, 5000 9mm rounds, 2500 .45ACP rounds and 200 rounds of .500 laying around. I really need to get that .500 stockpile built up more but its just so expensive. Not...
  3. dougiemac

    OATH Ammo Looks Promising

    Has anyone heard, seen or used OATH Ammo? A friend of mine posted this who has worked in the firearms industry for decades. And keep in mind, this is an underpowered .380ACP round. "OATH Ammo .380ACP gel tested...all energy dumped inside target. This stuff is truly amazing. First civilian...
  4. dougiemac

    300BLK OUT Revolutionized

    Alexander Arms is revolutionizing the 300BLK. I was present at the NRA Show filming this episode of HossUSMC when I learned about this new approach.
  5. Red Dawn

    What Subsonic Rounds Do You Shoot

    With the suppressor collectors growing I thought some of the experienced owners on here wanted to share some of the subsonic rounds that they use that work well for them from pistols to rifles even shooting FA.