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  1. dougiemac

    Question About Buying A Second Home

    But it “could” be for whatever amount of time necessary.
  2. dougiemac

    Foreign Weapons and Obscure Builds V3

    If you see Kevin tell him you heard about them from i would but I’m In Mexico amigo. Chillin in the pool by the beach with a cold drink.
  3. dougiemac

    Question About Buying A Second Home

    So I have a question about buying a second home. This is the first attempt at doing something like this so I really have no idea what challenges or hurdles I may end up running into. Here’s a little background first. The home is one that I basically grew up in that was owned by my grandparents...
  4. dougiemac

    WTB Blackpowder revolvers

    Still looking for one?
  5. dougiemac

    GA Gorgeous 1965 Winchester 70 in .243

    Bumperioni deer season is in two weeks!
  6. dougiemac

    SOLD FS Hudson H9

    I’ve wanted one when they first came out. Too cool.
  7. dougiemac

    Take a pic of what you are doing right now!

    Proving that the all-inclusive resort waters down their tequila blanco. night before last:10 shots, not buzzed, no hangover. last night: 16 shots, not buzzed, no hangovers and when waiter came to grab shot glasses I mentioned that they were all watered down, so the last two were stronger.
  8. dougiemac

    Where Were You 9/11/01

    I was wondering where the $2.3 Trillion dollars went that was never accounted for on 09/10/2011.
  9. dougiemac

    Create New SET Calendar Entry

    Add any events that SET members would want to be aware of, take part in, gatherings, etc.
  10. dougiemac

    GA Winchester XTR 23 Pigeon Grade SxS 12 ga

    still interested… getting custom RPK doctored.
  11. dougiemac

    I’m Sean

    What’s up Sean! Welcome! Jump on in the discussions threads. Check out the @Kalash Klub forum on here. You’ll love it.
  12. dougiemac

    Local Firearms Training Facility Needs Our Help

    Update… although the go fund me was successful and they raised enough money to plant trees and create natural barriers to reduce the sound from the live fire range, neighbors were still adamant about shutting our friends training facility down. Although they complied with every ordinance, went...
  13. dougiemac

    The SET Store is Now Open! NEW SHIRTS!!

    I like that idea.
  14. dougiemac

    Join kalash klub

    I’ve been looking g for that bottle of Stagg for a long time.
  15. dougiemac

    The SET Store is Now Open! NEW SHIRTS!!

    Have you seen the awesomeness we have in our store Wes? The statement shirts would sell very well for y’all.
  16. dougiemac

    The SET Store is Now Open! NEW SHIRTS!!

    I’ve got another half dozen designs ready to be released. And I’m creating new ones each week depending on my inspiration. I’m hoping to get some retail outlets carrying the shirts to save on shipping like GA Firing Line, @ThePreparednessDepot, etc. once I get some finalized cost and margin...
  17. dougiemac


    Ha! Not even close. But they’re in a legal battle against the AFT for our rights.
  18. dougiemac

    "God We Need You Now" - Struggle Jennings

    btw… Struggle Jennings is the grandson of country musician Jessi Colter, the step-grandson of Waylon Jennings, and the nephew of Shooter Jennings.