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    Government Overreach using Coronavirus as an Excuse

    All non-essential businesses are shut down in Philadelphia.
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    New NF Website

    Your SEO and Google Ranking is going to be terrible.
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    TECC/TCCC Online Courses

    Hell, it's only $120 I'll take the course and let you know if it's legit.
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    TECC/TCCC Online Courses

    I guess my question is, do you think $120 is a fair price for an online class that will at least give me the knowledge, just in case it is needed?
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    TECC/TCCC Online Courses

    Since you're interested, this is what I'm considering at the moment.
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    TECC/TCCC Online Courses

    I know there is a good amount of Mil and EMS folk, so maybe I can get some recommendations. I’m looking for a basic TECC/TCCC online course for my own personal knowledge. I’m not sure if a certification can be done online, but I’m not really looking to be certified (if it’s possible, that’s a...
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    Make your Shopify Store Easier!

    Hey guys, I'm now starting to specialize in Shopify development. If you need a custom app or just need some help making your Shopify Store work easier for you, contact me!
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    Pennsylvania Blocks 3D Gun Printing Site

    So Trump has done more against the gun industry than Obama at this point?
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    SOLD Glock 19 IWB holster needed

    I can 3d print you one.
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    Got One!
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    Got One!

    I'd go with a lever or a semi auto before a bolt action with hogs.
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    Sticker Bomb

    I wonder if you do a few coats of plastidip first before you add the stickers will help protect the original finish and maybe make it easier to remove if you hate it.
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    SOLD H&k USP9SD #M79001SD-A5 $875

    Nice, pretty new too. Manufactured in 2012
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    PSA sale build for a first-time AR owner ... thoughts?

    To be honest, I personally always hated cheap red dots. Even the "good" ones are not that good for the simple fact the batteries die on them so quick. I'd say leave it off your list.. have him shoot with irons for awhile, and then let him decide on the optic that he thinks is right for him. Who...
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    PSA sale build for a first-time AR owner ... thoughts?

    Skip the vortex and buy irons and ammo with that money instead.