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    The woodworking thread...

    Yep! And it gets treated with bark tea to ensure consistent results. Ive been following this guide and its been working great. Got some more pieces done this week. Those boxes look great!
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    The woodworking thread...

    I wanted to refinish my bedroom furniture, and came across ebonizing. It requires a decent amount of prep, but im super happy with how its turning out.
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    Are Y'all Ready for the Coming Shift?

    They can be stolen under an “abandoned property” clause and a simple search warrant can get them opened.
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    Are Y'all Ready for the Coming Shift?

    Yes they report cash transactions over 10,000 but that wasnt the issue. I had to go to 3 wells fargo banks just to get that much. They dont keep hardly anything on hand anymore. Their vault is basically empty at all times and they want you to place an order for cash and it takes several days...
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    Are Y'all Ready for the Coming Shift?

    I think its a good time to hold onto physical assets, and not keep them in a bank. I went to pay off my car, and trying to get 15k in cash was a pain in the ass. Could you imagine how fucked we would be if we had some small panic and people all decided that they would need cash on hand. I saw a...
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    GA NF C597 ATACR 1-8x24

    ooh thats nice
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    NFA-Talk & Red Hill Range Metering Day 2021

    Ive missed the last couple. Going to try to make it this time. It would be cool to see how much its grown since the first one, and what new stuff might be there. Its brutal hot in august on the range. Bring plenty of water
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    What’s Your Next Gotta Have Firearm ?

    Working on finishing the one on the top. Its been one ive wanted for a while, a shorty piston gun. 11.5 sword international upper on a lmt mars L lower, a5 extension and a SD-SSP trigger. Still needs a light, sling, and maybe some irons. After this, I dont really have any more on a list. Might...
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    Cherokee Gun & Pawn

    They recently got some fresh people in the ordering department that keep up with whats in demand and they are scouring at all hours of the day and night to hunt stuff down. As stuff actually becomes more available it will get even better. More nfa, more night vision, more custom built precision...
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    Precision rimfire training?

    I need to get back behind my 22s again. Looking at all this thread makes me miss it
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    Canada Goes Full Fascist

    Reap what you sow. You want a nanny state to make you feel safe and happy with healthcare and censorship, this is what you end up with
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    No poors allowed

    Man, those 22prs guns make my anschutz look like a red ryder. Homie out here slinging 22 out of a pretty decent car
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    Taurus Curve

    I dont know your background, and you clearly dont know mine, but I am not the type to regurgitate internet lore, and I definitely dont have a single brand I am loyal to. between first hand experience, working in gun stores and ranges, and speaking with quality instructors, and experience in...
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    Taurus Curve

    I had access to a pre production unit years ago, and saw a few updates on the production model. Like much of taurus’ lineup, they are garbage with trendy marketing. The pistol is significantly thicker than its competitors to give it the “curved” profile, has an awful trigger that can be hard to...
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    New here- Serbian collector

    Does the screen name reference a bmw m70? If so, I definitely would like to see that