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Olight BALDR Pro R review (Installment 1 of several to come).

Not much to report yet as I'm just getting started, will update this with better pics and results as I go. If you want the TL;DR version - it still works, laser appears on target & it didn't blow up.

Basic details: WML with Quick detach, includes both Glock and 1913 Picatinny rail inserts, claimed 1350 lumen / 200 Meter throw, <5mW green integrated laser (seated inside the light's reflector), magnetic charging port & optional magnetic remote pressure switch; Can select light only, laser only, or laser and light via twistable ring at the base of the light head, end cap switches toggle the light from low to high with double-clicks and can activate strobe function by tapping both left and right switches simultaneously.

Manufacturer's full Details: Link to Olight's site: Here

Price: Purchased on sale 11/26/21 for $90.92 with tax, Olight's current MSRP (as of today's post) shows $169.95

Initial range report: 02Jan2022
While at the range today, I took the Olight "BALDR Pro R" I recently picked up to begin some testing. I caught it on sale during Thanksgiving for under $100 & mainly bought it for the rechargeable convenience ... but also curious if this new version addresses previous concerns. I know there's a lot of good and bad reviews out there about Olight WMLs, just figured this would make for an interesting review.

Will be using a Surefire X400 Ultra and maybe some other WMLs as comparisons, but not sure how deep this will go until I get some more range time.

Quick synopsis of initial impressions: During today's range trip I kept it mounted to a FNX-45 Tactical and ran 6 mags (90 rounds) total; 3 mags suppressed using Federal 230Gr ball and 3 mags unsuppressed using Federal HST. The integral laser held zero (or as best as I could tell as I was not bench rested, but it stayed consistent enough based upon my settings from start to finish for me not to be alarmed ... more intensive & detailed testing will be had, I assure you). The light had no malfunctions, I ran it in a mix of low and high light mode settings (I did not utilize the strobe function). Obviously, no conclusions yet after a quick range trip, other than it didn't grenade, so there is that ;)

Full transparency & Un-science warnings: No micrometers, vices, bench rests, laser bore sight's, etc have been involved thus far, I simply returned home & checked the laser placement using the same aim point that I had initially used to set the laser to be in line with the pistol sights at 10 yds, nothing more, so don't read too much into this yet!

Initial mounting & comparison Pics: As seen below, size comparison & mounting of the BALDR-Pro-R compared to a Surefire X400 Ultra mated to an HK45 Tactical for reference. I chose the Surefire X400 Ultra as an initial comparison (specs can be found here), as it is rated at 1000 lumens / 213 meter throw & <5mW green laser, but obviously an "apples to oranges" comparison when considering many other factors.

Give me time and I'll post better pics, but some quick initial shots are included below:





More to follow, best regards!
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