MaddMacs Precision Tactical

Howard Law

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Aug 12, 2015
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I just happen to stumble across this and realized that it’s a GA company out of Dalton. The work seems to be good quality I don’t know them or what they do but I figured I post it up here maybe some of you know more than I do about them.

MaddMacs Precision Tactical, LLC
2401 Beaverdale Rd NE
Dalton, GA 30721
(706) 463-5323
8am - 6pm EST

Jason Jones / Owner

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Cameron Shepherd

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Aug 13, 2015
Cleveland, TN
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Oops forgot about you being up there with them yanks ... let us know if you get time to ride by what you find. Web page looks good with all the pics of milled and tuned integral suppressed Mark IVs
Let's be real, most the time I'm everywhere else but Dalton. haha I just happen to be around this week. I'll make it happen though! They do look like they have some good stuff.