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How To Get A Free NRA Membership


Ohio Gun Owners is a proud supporter of your second amendment rights. Not only that but we love supporting the groups that also support them like the NRA. Since we are a small time outfit with little political clout we decided to partner with the NRA in having our voices heard. To date we have given over a decades worth of NRA memberships to our members and you could be next.
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Mar 28, 2016
So anyone can win this right? Since i'm already a member and already liked your FB page and shared it (a lot) do I need to do anything else besides make the 10 posts?

Ron Dolph

Feb 6, 2016
Your welcome scream moves to fast to read. I have taken the test an background test. I have a problem, my 2002 Dodge does not have a locking storage in the front or back of a quad cab plckup. I really don't want my endorsement on my Driver's license. When I took the course, I was recamended tha if I was pulled over I should stick my hands out the window since they already know the prolability of having a gun. some or the rules make sense but others are asinine. I can't pick up my children from school, be within the limits a of a State or Fredral park. I think a store or Physician's office or any other location that cannot afford the official new gun placard. Anthother i if we so called low or poverty status who are able to aford through legally purchased a gun paid. too much for gun and ammo that do not wish you there armed can not have to purchase a plastic sign but photocopy a real sign shod be enforceable or legally heel you out. If I were in an car accident I'm not allowed treatment because I have a gun and permit.