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  1. Machi

    How many guns can you sell without an ffl?

    machi submitted a new blog post How Many Guns Can You Sell Without An FFL? Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  2. Machi

    [Article] - How Many Guns Can You Sell Without An FFL?

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  3. D

    A guide to private handgun sales in ohio (sellers guide to firearms)

    david submitted a new blog post A Guide to Private Handgun Sales in Ohio (Sellers Guide To Firearms) Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  4. Ohiobellboy

    Teach me about reloading..

    Since the wife has also taken up the sport of killing paper plates with bullets, I can see where this is going to get expensive real quick. My little brother and I have talked in the past about getting a reloading outfit together. Who's using what? Recommendations? Experiences? Any/all...
  5. JJTwat

    Best Optics For Ar15

    im looking for a new optic on my AR. Only catch is i dont want to spend $500 for a optic, the AR itself didn't cost me that much.
  6. BigMikey

    Best price for target ammo

    I'm looking to build a stockpile of target grade ammo for a few of my guns. Particularlly 9mm, .223, and .45 ACP. Any body know the best places to get bulk ammo cheap.
  7. JustinS

    Ohio Concealed Carry Information

    This forum needs a huge resource section for concealed carry, and all the information for concealed carry and stuff in Ohio. I'll try to come back and update this when I can, my break is almost over with.
  8. D

    How To Register For Free To This Site

    This community is 100% free and will always remain that way. Some users are reporting some confusion on how to register so I made this quick guide to help you out. If you have other questions just let me know and I'll explain any feature of the site for you. Step 1. Click the link from the...
  9. David (OHGO)

    Thank You!!!

    What a great idea to move all these groups off facebook and try to get them unified under one site! I never understood why Ohio needed 5459 gun groups just because some people have power trips and go nuts over being an admin is my only guess. Anyway im glad to be here, hopefully I can help...