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Howard Law
  1. dougiemac

    Southeast Traders & Southern Honor Wrestling

    So....dreaming out loud here. If Southern Honor Wrestling and Southeast Traders created a VIP section/seat area at the Southern Honor Wrestling events, what would you like to see in it? More information can be found at:
  2. dougiemac

    Advertising Commission

    Want to make some EZ money? During this offer, you could earn a 10% commission on any advertising you bring to site for the remainder of this year. To earn credit for your commission, send me the name and contact info of the purchaser or have them message me via PM or email. It's that easy!
  3. dougiemac

    SET Podcast

    So I've been contemplating a community podcast for sometime. I'm no stranger to podcasting or YouTubing and have some experience in both worlds, however I was curious if anyone else would be interested. Here's what I was thinking... Who: You guys! Especially the characters we have here. The...
  4. dougiemac

    Happy 3 Year Anniversary Southeast Traders!

    Happy 3rd Anniversary to the Southeast Traders Community! On June 22, 2015, Southeast Traders was born. It was born out of a need for an alternative to the establishment. It was born out of a need to provide a better experience with more personal privacy, personal freedoms and creating an...
  5. NolansMindset

    RANGE REPORT - Southeast Traders Pistol Build - Did It Run??

    So I was able to take the freshly built Southeast Traders pistol build to the range to see if she would run?? So did it?? Check out the video to find out!
  6. NolansMindset

    "PewTuber Podcast" Ep.1 - My First Live Stream!!

    Ok so i've decided to try something new on my youtube channel. And what Im talking about is my new podcast/live stream the "PewTuber Podcast" This was my first attempt at a live stream and I think overall it went pretty well! It was a lot of fun and ill definitely be doing more! Check out the...
  7. NolansMindset

    ** 9,000 SUBS ** - New Builds - Live Videos - Website Giveaway

    Alright so I just threw up a quick video mainly to thank everyone who has subscribed and shown support for the channel. Also I wanted to talk about some upcoming builds, possible live videos and an update on the website exclusive giveaway! Check it out!
  8. J

    New member

    I've heard of Southeast traders before but didn't know what was or about. Join from Nolans mindset. Glad to be here. From a small town in Illinois.
  9. NolansMindset

    GUN GIVEAWAY!!! - M&P Shield, IWB Holster & Ammo (VIDEO)

    Alright guys, thanks to Southeast Traders, NSR Tactical and my LGS Shots & Shells, I have an awesome giveaway going on right now on my YouTube channel. If you would like to enter for a chance to win this package, make sure you check out the video below!
  10. J


    Hey, I'm here from the Nolan's Mindset channel. Is anyone from Pittsburgh? I was just at the Monroeville Gunshow this weekend.
  11. Mac11FA

    CLOSED Dobbs Defense ARC 22 suppressor

    Alright boys and girls, here is your chance to win a bitchin .22 suppressor. I am giving away a #DobbsDefense #ARC22 suppressor. Here is the link to Dogleg Arms to get the details of this can. People who own one of these have...
  12. dougiemac

    Help Wanted

    Southeast Traders is looking for some internet ninjas to help make the site even better. If you have or know anyone that has some mad skills in any of these areas, please message me. Google Double-Click For Publishers (DFP) Google AdWords Google Analytics and Tag Manager Search Engine...
  13. dougiemac

    SoutheastTraders Inaugural Challenge Coin

    Giving y'all the heads up! The Inaugural Southeast Traders Challenge Coin has just dropped! Only 100 made. All members on the Notable Members Most Messages List will receive one free.
  14. dougiemac

    Helping a Fellow Brother Out

    Sometimes money is better spent on people than anything else. Rather than buying more ads space or donating more to the NRA with what little comes in from ad traffic, it's better to help a brother in need, regardless of what gun forum they belong to, because we are all apart of the gun community...
  15. dougiemac

    How to Add/Edit/Remove Your Event to the Events Calendar

    To Add your event to the SET Event's Calendar: Create your thread for your event and provide all the detail possible. After the event is created, go to your thread and select "Thread Tools" Then select "Calendar Add". Select the Date(s) (hold down shift key and select for multiple dates) Click...