Faktory 47
  1. dougiemac


    A new batch of PMAGS have hit the Southeast Traders store today! We have only a limited number of PMAGS in stock, so get them NOW while you can. These Gen M3 PMAGS have the new Southeast Traders curved retro logo! So even if you had purchased some before with the previous logo, this will give...
  2. Mac11FA

    SET Pmags round 2

    Figured I would start a thread for interest for @dougiemac to restock Pmags. Post how many and I will put names and why in OP. Mac11FA - 6 lesptr- 6 SouthernSlammed - 4
  3. SouthernSlammed

    My First AR Build - AR9

    Figured I would start a thread on my first AR build! Starting even though the rifle is complete, for now!!! You know how that is, will likely find something to change on it down the road! No project is ever complete!!! Started out with one of the wonderful SET AR lowers! Decided that I was...
  4. bccain

    I love SET more than you do...

    I love SET more than you do and I can prove it. What say ye? How much do you love SET?
  5. dial1911

    GAW Glock Range Bag Give Away!

    Ok- it's about time I did one of these. I took the pictures days ago and finally got around to typing this out- One brand spanking new Glock range bag (which is apparently permanently upside down) ... in the ultra-tactical black finish. I will ship this to the winner at my own expense...
  6. TruPrep

    New Ammo Can pricing - TruPrep

    ****Updated 07-15-2016 Rifle Racks are back up to $49.99 and only have a few left****
  7. Patryn

    TruPrep Google Reviews

    Hey guys, Google has advised us that we need more google reviews to stay relevant in searches. We know how much you guys like to write, so here's your chance! We would be honored if you could spread the word and leave the staff at TruPrep some google reviews! Thanks for your time! Wes
  8. Cudruln

    Photos with your gear!

    Maybe it is just me,but I think it would be cool to see all the different pics with the SET gear. So leave some details, a photo and tag away.
  9. JMUshotgunner

    Dope ass SET stickers

    Yo @dougiemac, maybe I missed the memo, but how do I get one of dem dope ass stickers you're postin about on da facebooks and instagrams?
  10. dougiemac

    ***Name Our Newsletter!***

    Here's your chance to use the space between your ears and wind up that hamster on the wheel, and use those creative juices and be a part of Southeast Traders brand by helping us name our newsletter! Every month we send a newsletter recapping some of the highlights (and low lights) of the...
  11. dougiemac

    The Need for The FEED!

    A buddy once told me "you know what's the worst thing about cocaine... it's AWESOME!" Well, although he was joking, the same thing could be said about THE FEED! The FEED is the most addicting part of the site! The FEED is the live, real-time streaming of the action happening on...
  12. dougiemac

    Stickers, Stickers, Stickers...

    Sticker proof... had to work to get the right size (4"x3") so we could get the right price for top quality vinyl stickers for your car windows and various other sticker worthy areas. Drum roll.....