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  1. CHirt

    NRA Pistol Instructor Course (Bartow County)

    Are you interested in becoming an NRA Pistol Instructor. **Seating is limited to 8 Instructor Candidate.** On February 18 & 19 2017 starting at 9:00AM I will be holding a NRA Instructor Pistol Course. The course tuition will be $235.00. Details: This 16-hour course teaches the knowledge...
  2. Mac11FA

    .17 caliber pistols

    Red Dawn and I were shooting at our undisclosed location yesterdayou and the owner asked if we knew of a revolver in .17 caliber and to be honest, I was about 90% sure there wasn't one. Red Dawn pm'd me one such offering and I found another. Theven owner specifically wanted a revolver because...
  3. dougiemac

    Radical Firearms AR-15 Pistol Part 4: Philosophy and Covert Carry

    My friend Jordan Winkler (FX Hummel) did a good video on the AR-15 pistol philosophy and gave SoutheastTraders some love! Go give his channel some love and Subscribe!
  4. RangerTim

    Defensive shooting skills class

    I have some open slots in the June 26th Defensive Shooting Skills class. It is 4hrs, 100% range time. This class is designed for those who already have their CCW permit but want to improve their skill level with their pistol. DSS is normally $75, but I am extending a discount to OHGO members and...
  5. RangerTim

    The ar15 pistol...why?

    Chris Timmerman submitted a new blog post The AR15 Pistol...Why? Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  6. RangerTim

    [Article] - The AR15 Pistol...Why?

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  7. TheCompleteCombatant

    GUNSMITH Josh Mallet w/ The Complete Combatant

    The Complete Combatant: Guest Speaker Joshua Mallet of Armisted Armory! Josh is a certified Gunsmith located in Alpharetta and has been in the biz a long time. He is trusted by many, including Brian Hill, your head coach. We asked Josh to be our guest speaker and discuss maintenance and more...
  8. TheCompleteCombatant

    Guest Speaker at TCC was Tyler of BlackPoint Tactical

    The Complete Combatant - Thank you to our guest speaker, Tyler J of BlackPoint Tactical. Tyler presented on "the importance of good gear". We have several video clips that we will be sharing over time. This one is a bit about how the molding and clean break are important. Reality...your gun is...
  9. RangerTim

    Ar15 Pistols....do They Really Make Sense?

    With the advent of the Sig arm brace AR15 pistols are all the rage. My question to everyone, in what scenario do you really believe an AR pistol in your vehicle (assuming that's why you have one, to carry loaded in your vehicle as it IS a pistol) would be useful or necessary? I know...
  10. H

    My Hipoint Has Never Failed Me, So Why The Hate?

    I'm just wondering why people hate on hipoints all the time? Mine has never once misfired or gave me a problem and I'm 3000 rounds in to it at least. Is unusual for a hipoint to be so reliable? maybe i have a freak hipoint handgun