GA Firing Line
  1. Leshaire

    Can we talk about back up 'iron' (polymer) sights?

    Im on the hunt for some back up sights, and as always, want the opinions of you all... I need a set of flip down sights for my AR build. Given the red dot I have, they MUST be able to fold down... Which honeslty sucks because I really like the Daniel Defense fixed sights. Oh well. -I'd rather...
  2. DoglegArms

    What AR back up sights do you use?

    What other sights besides Magpul MBUS sights do you fine gentlemen use?
  3. DoglegArms

    Magpul phasing out Foliage Green

    foliage green by DOGLEG ARMS, on Flickr
  4. JMUshotgunner

    Magpul Hunter X-22

    I'm curious about everyone's thoughts on the new Hunter X-22 stock? Legitimate purpose? Tacticool? Gimmicky?