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  1. Axeman

    SOLD CRKT Batum Large folder FS

    CRKT “Batum” pocket knife. I might have used it once, bought it to use on campouts where I couldn’t bring my fixed-blade knife (scouting people sometimes freaked out about that for stupid reasons). Then we stopped camping regularly, and I didn’t need it again. It’s a solid, chunky blade...
  2. P

    Emerson Mini Commander

    Emerson Mini Commander Black Blade serrated $165.00
  3. bccain

    Ravencrest Tactical Phantom Review

    First off, HUGE shoutout to @Mac11FA for doing the GAW for this knife. It has been a blast using this thing! Now to the review. Specs: Ravencrest Tactical Phantom Open Assist 9" Total Length 3.75' Blade Length .11" Blade Thickness 1" Blade Width 440C Stainles Steel G10 Handle 58HRC Hardness...
  4. Cudruln

    CLOSED Official 5k GAW

    Alright ladies, gents and @Laufen the time has come, I have now officially reached 5000 post. The GAW will run till December 24th and on the 25th I will do the drawing for the winner. The winner will be able to choose 1 of the 3 freaking awesome prizes. 1. Lower and LPK from @DoglegArms 2...
  5. Loki_tactics

    GAW SOG Seal Pup GAW

    We are Giving Away a SOG Seal Pup. In order to win all you have to do is make a order. For every dollar spent you get one entry in the Give Away. So if you spend only $5 dollars you have 5 chances and you could get this knife for nothing. The Give Away will end on Sep. 30th 2016. If this Give...
  6. StateFarmJake

    Self Defense Ammo For .40sw

    What type of ammo in weight/style should I be using for my EDC self defense carry weapon? Right now I've got 6 HP's followed with 6FMJs loaded in my gun but I am really curious to see what type of ammo everyone else is using, and if they mix it together like that.
  7. StateFarmJake

    Who Makes The Best Survival Knifes?

    I'm going to do some extended outdoor camping this summer, or at least I plan to. And I would like to get a good survival type knife to carry on me. I won't be doing anything crazy like fending off bears or moose, or building a log cabin with it to sleep in. But I would like to be able to skin...
  8. TheCompleteCombatant

    Fantastic Class by Alfa-Knife (hosted my The Complete Combatant)

    Damon Lusky of Alfa-Knife presents Martial Blade Concepts. Damon is the founder of AlfaKnife, a custom knife maker, a black belt in BJJ and Taekwondo, he is a Martial Blade Concepts group leader and has been on a warriors path for 20 years +.
  9. TheCompleteCombatant

    GUNSMITH Josh Mallet w/ The Complete Combatant

    The Complete Combatant: Guest Speaker Joshua Mallet of Armisted Armory! Josh is a certified Gunsmith located in Alpharetta and has been in the biz a long time. He is trusted by many, including Brian Hill, your head coach. We asked Josh to be our guest speaker and discuss maintenance and more...
  10. TheCompleteCombatant

    The Complete Combatant - GUEST SPEAKER Damon Lusky of AlfaKnife

    The Complete Combatant: 1.5 day course is for the armed citizen on how to survive the chaos of extreme close quarters combat. In this non-live fire environment you will use a BlueGun, SIRT, or training pistol but we HIGHLY recommend using a TRAINSAFE DISABLER…which we will supply (visit GEAR...
  11. D

    Just Some Survival Knife Tips

    I do not know a lot about blades but I figured I'd share some pointers of things I have learned as of late when it comes to survival knives. 1. Buy a fixed blade knife for survival. Folding blades are great for EDC, but in survival situations the fixed blade is superior for a couple of...
  12. dougiemac

    New Knife: Zero Tolerance

    Wanted to share a new knife I picked up from a friend. It's my first Zero Tolerance knife and I am REALLY impressed! The assisted opener is faster and smoother than my auto-openers from my beloved Benchmade. I also love the slim design for such a large blade. This is quickly becoming my...
  13. dougiemac

    50 Killed In China Coal Mine Knife Attack

    "Nine suspects are being pursued after they launched a coordinated knife attack and killed 50 workers at a northwestern Chinese coal mine, reports Radio Free Asia. The incident occurred on September 18 in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The attackers are alleged to be Uyghur separatists...
  14. dougiemac


    ****GIVEAWAY WEEK SURPRISE****KA-BAR TDI Knife & Sheath*** This is one BADASS EDC blade! This awesome donation was co-donated by and! Brand new, in the box, razor sharp and ready for any action! ALL MEMBERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO ENTER! To enter, type "IN"...