Howard Law
  1. dougiemac

    Winchester 350 Legend

    Attention Deer and Hog hunters... check this out! The Winchester 350 Legend! It's a .357 diameter bullet that will feed from a typical AR mag. The round is available in 145-265gr. Their 150gr deer load has more muzzle energy than 300BLK or 30-30 and was designed to reach out to 200-250...
  2. msting22

    SOLD Remington 7400 .270 with scope

    Item: Remington 7400 .270 with scope Caliber: .270 Location/Zip: 30127 Item is For Sale: $300 Item Description: Up for sale is my used Remington 7400 .270 with scope. Rifle is in good shape but it does show some wear but it would still make a great hunting rifle. Rifle comes with 3 mags...
  3. The_Gun_Nation

    Youth rifle stock.

    I have a Winchester model 70 featherweight 243 that I've been looking for a youth stock for my daughter to hunt with. Please post some links of companies you know that sell them.
  4. L

    OH [Akron] - Savage .308

    Savage .308 View Classified I have a Savage Model 11 chambered in .308 I would like to sell. The rifle is in good shape with minimal use. It has a 22" medium profile barrel and the factory accutrigger. Comes in an aftermarket Hogue stock and a EGW 20 MOA...
  5. UnknownTerritory

    The New Guy

    Hello everyone. Really excited to join a forum so nice and active. Names Cal from the Valdosta area love to fish, hunt, and camp. Kayaking is a personal favorite. I plan to get more involved in the outdoors and I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions!
  6. L

    Hunting Places

    Trying to find somewhere that I can bow hunt in Cobb County that is either public or someone is open to allow me to hunt on there property. I'm not looking to come in and feed or anything like that or destroy anything. Just looking to get some deer meat. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas...
  7. RangerTim

    Hog hunting round....

    I suppose this falls under long Gun talk. My brother in law has land in Vinton county (South Eastern Ohio) with quite a few wild hogs on it. We might be making a trip down to eliminate a few and was curious if anyone with experience could offer a suggestion. Would I be better off with my...
  8. dougiemac

    Son of A Beach!! - The Beachin Two point Sling

    I really like this kid and this sling! Check him out and support a veteran owned small business!
  9. DTF23

    Hunting Rifles?

    Just wondering what everyone is using for hunting? I'm about to go out for the first time in my life at some point this year on a trip with my father in law. I don't know a thing about hunting or the guns used for it. Will be hunting moose/elk on this trip down the road.
  10. dougiemac

    Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

    This is crazy... The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow!
  11. dougiemac

    Russian Monster Hog!

    Peter Maximov, a pig hunter from Chelyabinsk, Russia was hunting out of a tower near a favorite hog spot in the the Ussuriland, when a boar of epic proportions stepped out in front of him.
  12. dougiemac

    Let's see those deer!

    Who's harvested a deer this season?
  13. dougiemac

    Underwater Bow Hunting

  14. Sheps

    Best Youtube hunting channels

    What's you guyzesezezessessesezez recommendations for good, entertaining, infomatical youtube channels. Been enjoying Deermeatfordinner for a while now, some cool adventures and cooking, me loves food.
  15. dougiemac

    North Carolina Record Buck a Fake

    Did he really think he would get away with it? This is a special kind of stupid mixed with attention whore syndrome (AWS). "Davis confessed that he had killed a small North Carolina buck with a rifle, bought the giant non-typical antlers from someone in Pennsylvania and then screwed the PA...