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Howard Law
  1. wesman5060

    GA FS/FT **$250 EACH**Six (6) 1940s Turkish K.Kale Mausers

    I have 6 Turkish K.Kale mausers for sale or trade. All are bolt mismatches. I've taken a bunch of pictures of each but please dont hesitate to ask questions or for more pictures. Scroll to bottom for picture links. Price & Trade Value: $250 each Want all seven? $1350 These rifles come with...
  2. A

    FL 556 ammo

    I have 500 rounds of 556 for a 1$ a round
  3. T

    GA Diamond Infinite Edge

    Diamond Infinite Edge Comes with 5 arrow quiver Trophy Ridge 3 Pin site Hard case Scott quick release $200
  4. wesman5060

    GA *FINAL REDUCTION*Glock 19 Fully Customized by Primary Arms

    I have here a Glock 19 that was fully customized by Primary Arms, for sale or trade. I actually won this from Primary Arms in their "Glocktober" giveaway this past week. Trust me, its a really cool glock but its just not really my interest and theres a long list of other firearms Ive been...
  5. S

    For a site called SoutheastTraders...

    I sure have a hard time finding the classifieds. How about a link under “Quick Navigation,” or in the main menus, for a dummy like me? Thanks for the consideration.
  6. J

    GA AR15 Warsport/Seekins Precision

    Item:16inch Competition Rifle. Caliber: 5.56 Location/Zip:30102 Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $1300 For Sale. No trades. Trade Value or Items Looking For: Willing to Ship:Yes Bill of Sale Required?:Yes Item Description: I put this together for 3-Gun and sadly have to sell it to...
  7. bccain

    CLOSED Whiskey Cabinet made from Coffee Barrel

    Item: Whiskey Cabinet made from Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Barrel Location/Zip: 30114 Item is For Sale: $150 Willing to Ship: NO Bill of Sale Required?: NO Item Description: This whiskey cabinet is hand crafted from a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Barrel. The barrel dimensions, when...
  8. D

    Website Emails

    Just so everyone knows, the website emails aren't being properly sent (and haven't been for a few days now). Just incase you get a flood of emails all at once in the next day or two know that its not normal and won't happen again. I'm working on fixing the problem right now, and am hoping to...
  9. Dirtbike

    Conceal Carry And The Need To Practice

    Sad story but it really reinforces the fact that folks should they decide to carry really need to get out spend the money on ammunition and practice practice practice! And by that I don't just mean getting out to the range and poking holes in paper from a non defensive position at 15 feet, you...
  10. D

    How To Create A Firearm Sale, Trade Or Wtb Listing

    Creating a listing for your firearm is simple and free. Once you're ready to buy, sell, or trade your gun simply come to and you'll find our regional marketplace like the screenshot below. <p><a...
  11. B

    Hirtenberger 100gr +p+

    Saw some of this for sale. Tried to do some reading up on it, some people said it was way hot and some people said only the 124 gr is hot. Was wondering if anyone had some personal experience with it? It would be going in my g17, but regardless, if it is a really hot round I'll just let it be...
  12. D

    Over 300 Members!

    We've hit the 300 member milestone in under a week of being open which is fantastic! Hopefully we can keep the growth up and continue to grow to become the biggest marketplace for Ohio residents to buy, sell and trade their new and used firearms. Don't forget we're also giving away some great...
  13. C

    Need Feedback: Mossberg Night Train Ii

    Looking at the possibility of picking up a Mossberg Night Train II in .308 or .300 win mag. They come factory with polymer stock, floating bull barrel, choice of two options for large Vortex scope and an owner adjustable trigger (2lbs-7lbs). Looking to hear from those who are familiar with...
  14. D

    Post Your Ar-15 Builds Here

    Its everyones favorite gun show off time! I'd like to see what members have in terms of AR15's and their modifications to them! I've got two I'll photograph here in a big and post