1. Patryn

    US Law Shield Class & GAW @ TruPrep

    You are cordially invited to attend this amazing workshop at TruPrep, Saturday, June 8th from 9:30am to 12pm Giveaways, prizes and food! Why attend an event? Ignorance of the law is not a legal excuse! The legal system can be very hostile toward gun owners. Responsible gun owners get thrown...
  2. Patryn

    Marietta Preppers Meetup Group

    Sticky for this link in case anyone wants a heads up on TruPrep's Free Training. The Marietta Preppers Networking Group meets at the TruPrep store at 1000 Cobb Pkwy N Ste B, Marietta, GA 30062. The purpose of the group is to share...
  3. TruPrep

    TruPrep Event Calendar

    FYI most of these classes are all free.
  4. D

    New Guy

    Been on several forums and since Facebook shut down gun sites, I'm looking for other options. I hope this becomes the go to site.
  5. RangerTim

    Ccw Classes....certification Or Training?

    Curious of everyone's opinion. Do you feel a CCW class should provide solid range training, or that it is simply a certification and any additional training is on the licensee? Train them or simply make sure they can hit the target without hurting themselves or someone else? Had this...
  6. RangerTim


    I would guess that the vast majority of us on this site so far are firearms enthusiasts and enjoy exercising our 2nd Amendment right. I'd go far as to say that a large majority of us carry on a regular basis. Given those two many of us have continued to train beyond our...