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  1. dougiemac


    A new batch of PMAGS have hit the Southeast Traders store today! We have only a limited number of PMAGS in stock, so get them NOW while you can. These Gen M3 PMAGS have the new Southeast Traders curved retro logo! So even if you had purchased some before with the previous logo, this will give...
  2. dougiemac

    Advertising Commission

    Want to make some EZ money? During this offer, you could earn a 10% commission on any advertising you bring to site for the remainder of this year. To earn credit for your commission, send me the name and contact info of the purchaser or have them message me via PM or email. It's that easy!
  3. dougiemac

    Mobile Ads: What Do You Think Of This?

    What do you guys think of this type of ad for mobile? This way you can dismiss it and it isn't displayed while you're viewing the page.
  4. DTF23

    Ballistics of 9mm vs 40sw

    Anyone have links or info on the ballistics of 9mm vs 40sw ammo? Lets just assume its some standard FMJ ammo nothing real fancy or expensive.
  5. D

    How facebook is milking millions out of pro-gun pages like this one

    david submitted a new blog post How Facebook is Milking Millions Out Of Pro-Gun Pages Like This One Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  6. dougiemac

    SoutheastTraders Commercial

    We are very excited and proud to announce we have our very first 60 sec commercial! It is being blasted on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube as we speak! However I need YOU to help us spread the word by SHARING this video on every channel, every platform, every person you know, via email, text...
  7. dougiemac

    Demolition Ranch

    Does anyone watch Demolition Ranch on Youtube?
  8. dougiemac

    Where Did You Hear About...

    Question to the community of active members... Where did you hear about other popular gun forums that you visited and adopted as a regular spot to visit? What advertising is most visible to you in your daily life? What advertising is most effective for you to feel compelled to take action?
  9. dougiemac

    New SET Banner and Merch Ready to Ship!

    Got the new SET banner yesterday and it's proudly displayed in the SET HQ along with some merch of different colors and sizes ready to ship! Look for the SET banner at meet and greets, some gun shows and events in the future!
  10. dougiemac

    More Southeast Traders Love

    More Southeast Traders Love From Our Friends at Tactical Response! Please show Tactical Response and James some appreciation by visiting their site, checking out their training offerings, buy something from their online store, or at very least promote them on your social media and say thanks...
  11. dougiemac

    Large Window Vinyl Die-Cut For Window

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a place (local to Atlanta or online) that can make a large, all white and clear die cut type of vinyl sticker to apply to the entire back window of my truck to promote Southeast Traders. Hoping it won't be crazy expensive.
  12. dougiemac


    Congratulations @Derek Cruz !!! You won the Mookie Militia first edition trucker style hat being given away via social media! Being a close friend of Mookie, I want to express my sincerest appreciation for you visiting and joining the site. I would hope and personally love if you became more...
  13. dougiemac


    So I've infiltrated the YouTube world pretty deep, all over Facebook, Instagram, I've knocked on every door and given away just about every thing I can to spread the word, I've spent thousands of dollars on shirts, patches, stickers, Google Adwords, and purchased high demand domain names...
  14. dougiemac

    Can We Hit 1000 Before Giveaway Week?

    What do you guys think? I'm doing my best. Shaking every tree. Calling in every favor. Spending money on marketing and advertising. What do you think? Can we make it there before Giveaway Week? What can you do to help?
  15. dougiemac

    Stickers, Stickers, Stickers...

    Sticker proof... had to work to get the right size (4"x3") so we could get the right price for top quality vinyl stickers for your car windows and various other sticker worthy areas. Drum roll.....