Howard Law
  1. mmason3

    SOLD .308 Bergara BMP setup

    I am selling my entire Bergara BMP in .308 setup to get a 6.5cm gas gun. Included is Bergara BMP in .308, Triggertech Diamond trigger, factory trigger, 4 Magpul 10 round magazines, 1 Magpul 5 round magazine, 2 Switchview/Taran Tactical +2 magazine basepads, LaRue scope base, Swampfox 1 piece...
  2. SumDumGuy

    CO .308 / 7.62 NATO

    I have 3,000+ rounds of .308/7.62x51 mix. Good quality ammo, all brass. Asking $2,500 for all.
  3. EugenFJR

    Rock River LAR-8

    I won't be home until end end of July, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Rock River LAR 8 rifle with about 40 L1A1 20 round mags. I have only shot a few 100 rounds through it, and it's very accurate. My trade value is $2000.00 but I'd take $1800.00 cash for it. My trade...
  4. dougiemac

    AB Arms Mod X Chassis - Remington 700

    So I'm really itching to get a Remington 700 someday soon... and one of the mods I am really digging is the AB Arms MOD X chassis. Has anyone had any experience with this chassis or know of any info on it? All I've heard so far has been seen on both Sootch00's and Yeager's Youtube channel and...