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Howard Law
  1. SkipD

    Pretty cool, in depth, self defense ammunition load testing...

    DO NOT, under ANY circumstances use any ammunition in an LCP that is "hotter" than SAAMI standards for .380 ACP. Several LCPs have been very rapidly disassembled in their shooter's hands because of overpressure ammunition. There is no SAAMI specification for any "+P" loading in the .380 ACP...
  2. SkipD


    You overlooked an old-time favorite - the Walther PPK and PPK/S. I have a PPK/S that I bought new in 1973. It was made in Germany and imported by Interarms. I paid all of $149.00 for it back then. It's one of most-favorite handguns that I own. I also have a Beretta 92FS and it's definitely...
  3. SkipD

    Preferred XM193 brands?

    Federal's XM193 and my reloads are all I shoot in my AR.
  4. SkipD

    Ruger LCPII - 6 Month Review | How's It Working Out??

    I changed the title of the thread (from LCP2 to LCPII). There is no such thing as a Ruger LCP2 though many folks refer to the first modified release of the LCP as the "LCP Gen2". To refer to the latest version, the Roman Numeral II should be used.
  5. SkipD

    Ar-15 bcg

    You think that's funny... My first experience with handling and taking an AR-15 apart was playing with my son's long-range target AR. I wanted to see what all the parts in the bolt looked like so I started disassembly. Whoaaa.... I dropped a couple of parts on the floor, one of which was the...
  6. SkipD

    CCW for my wife?

    One thing that, in my mind, is extremely important - especially for a new pistol shooter - is to have a pistol that fits the shooter's hand properly. This is critically important for point-shooting but makes a difference for all shooting. Here's something I've published in other forums many...
  7. SkipD

    Budget precision rifle ideas

    My favorite accuracy toy is my Remington 40XBR benchrest rifle, chambered in .222 Remington and topped with a 20X Unertl target scope. The rifle was made for me in Remington's Custom Shop and delivered to me in January of 1974. The trigger trips at what feels like less than a pound. I can...
  8. SkipD

    Talk me into or out of a M1A

    I like my M1A. It feels just like what I had in Army basic training and took to the range a few times while stationed in Europe in the 1960s. I even have a proper bayonet for it.
  9. SkipD

    HOW DARE YOU!!! - Kids and Guns (Video)

    I don't think so. I believe she's closer to the camera and not really pointing her pistol at him. Hard to be sure, of course.
  10. SkipD

    LCP II (Formerly titled "LCP version 2")

    I have confirmed that the LCP II (not "2") fully cocks the hammer when the slide is cycled (both manually and after firing) and there is NO safety that can manually prevent the hammer from falling. This is sorta like a Glock except for the fact that this has a hammer and is not striker-fired...
  11. SkipD

    Plainsman Help!

    Try Brownell's.
  12. SkipD

    Best .380 self defense ammo

    My primary choice for .380 is Cor-Bon DPX.
  13. SkipD

    Interesting handgun sight idea

    The main purpose is to put money in the maker's pocket.
  14. SkipD

    AR Scope

    The thing about using the EOTech red-dot sight that I find absolutely amazing is the fact that I can easily keep both eyes open (which allows me to see a LOT more around me than keeping one eye closed) and when I put the rifle up to my shoulder, the red dot superimposes itself on my two-eye...
  15. SkipD

    AR Scope

    The first question you should answer is: How do you intend to use your AR? If you intend to use the AR basically for home defense and other short-range shooting, I recommend a 1:1 red dot sight along with "co-witnessed" iron sights. If you intend to do only long-range shooting, another option...
  16. SkipD

    Savage MSR Teaser

    That would be one helluva shoulder-fired round!!! :p
  17. SkipD

    .308 ammo

    I did a little reading. Your subsonic .308 Winchester loads would require use of a fast pistol powder and a lot of careful research up front to get a combination that would work well for you. The rifling in the barrel should have a 1:10 or 1:8 twist. Bullet weights will run about 170gr to...
  18. SkipD

    .308 ammo

    Cudruln, do you have any friends who are precision-oriented loaders of ammo? This is as opposed to huge-quantity reloaders. What you want is someone who can work with you to develop and then produce an ideal load for you and your rifle. This would be a lot less expensive than going to...
  19. SkipD

    How do you organize and store your magazines?

    I was wondering when someone would refer to a magazine that you read. :rolleyes:
  20. SkipD

    Do You Banana?!

    Of course, unless one has a calibrated monitor like my NEC PA242W (which gets calibrated every other week with software and a special sensor), they are not likely to be seeing the "real" colors in that article.