Community Rules
  1. Don't Be a Dick
    #1 Rule: Please keep everything friendly! Be respectful. Don't be an ass to other members, it won't be tolerated. If the "Don't be a dick" rule was kept in the forefront of everyone's mind while using the site, we wouldn't need any additional rules. If you're here to stir shit up and be a douche, you'll be asked to leave. There's a difference in discussing something civilly and posting insulting memes, resorting to name calling and being a total douche bag.
  2. Keep Things PG13 in General Forum
    Keep everything in the general public area PG-13-rated or better. The R-rated material (both in speech and content) MUST be kept in Twin Peaks Lodge. It is a private area that can only be accessed by Premium and Lifetime Members. You also must be 18 years old and request access to enter. There are simple rules there, please abide by them or risk losing access to that area of the site. Things that MUST stay in the Twin Peaks Lounge and NOT in the General Public area are: All Sexual Content! Strategically covered nudity Sheer or see-through clothing Lewd or provocative poses Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches *This is an AdSense Policy, please help me by keeping the lights on with ad revenue. *To join the Twin Peaks Lodge, you must be a Premium Member. Click on Join User Groups on your Profile Page:
  3. Never Threaten Anyone
    Do not ever make any threats to anyone, whether in the public forum or in a PM. This includes suggesting that you meet up with someone and fight. You will be permanently banned from the site.
  4. Please Don't Disrupt Someone's Ad
    3. Please don't take a dump in someone's ad. If you don't like it, think the price is ridiculous, etc. MOVE ON. Show some self control, discipline, maturity and act like an adult that supports free market capitalism in our great nation of freedom. Flipping is not encouraged, however it is embraced. If you have never bought something and sold it for a profit, you're either the most generous person in the world or the worst business person in the world (or a combination of both).
  5. Keep Threads On Track
    Please keep discussion threads on track. Purposeful derailment of a thread topic is destructive to the discussion and to the content of this site and will not be tolerated. If you want to start another discussion, then create a new thread. Keeping topics on track means, don't turn everything into a religious thread or a sex talk thread or a thread about "whatever your favorite thing is to talk about". If you purposefully derail a thread, your post may be removed. Repeated behavior of this will result in a warning.
  6. No Trolling
    Joking around is fine, this place is to be light hearted and no one should feel unwelcome. But know when enough is enough. Trolling and bullying will not be tolerated. Remember the "don't be a dick" rule.
  7. Nice To New Members
    Please be very courteous to new members and realize that a lot of people, including me, never look at the rules when they first join a site. If someone has 1 post and joined yesterday and they post a listing without a price, please don’t jump them for it. We're one big community of outdoorsmen and women, archers, campers, hikers, naturalists, and members of the gun culture. We need to treat each other as family and friends. Speaking of, we are sincerely appreciative of all the welcome responses you posts in the “Introduce Yourself” thread for new members.
  8. One Account Only
    You are allowed one account for your lifetime (i.e. "No Multiple Accounts") with some exclusions. Dealers and Retailers can have both a professional "dealer" account and a private personal account. This will help them keeping their business transactions and the personal transactions separate. Again, please do not abuse this as both accounts could be placed on suspension or banned.
  9. Be Nice To Staff
    Please no bashing of admins, moderators or staff. If you have a problem, post in the Private Help section and express your issue respectfully. Moderators hold each other accountable and have no other agenda but to keep the site friendly, encourage community and enforce rules when necessary. Remember the "don't be a dick" rule.
  10. Reference Articles
    Please reference any article, blog, news link, photo credit, etc. when posting it in the forums. You wouldn’t want someone stealing your hard work without giving you proper credit, so we should do likewise. This is for both integrity and legal sake. Always give credit where credit is due.
  11. Language
    Language: While we do not censor language, the rule of thumb is, "just because you can, doesn't mean you always should", is to be applied. Just because you can use stronger adult language, doesn't mean you should always use it. Please do not abuse this freedom. If the moderators and staff believe you are misusing this freedom, your posts will be edited with appropriate reason given. As a favor to those using the site in a work environment, please do not use profanity or vulgarity in the thread title. The exception is in the Twin Peaks Lounge.