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SOLD Smith Corona 1903A3 USGI WWII

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Jul 4, 2015
Sale Price: 1,000

Caliber: 30_06

Willing to Ship: Yes

Bill of Sale Required?: No

Item Description: Smith Corona 1903A3 USGI WWII .30-06 Service rifle made by a typewriter company! All markings are clear. Not import marked. 1-43 dated barrel.

Bore is mirror bright with sharp rifling. Muzzle Erosion gauges slightly over 1. Shoots very tight groups!

Excellent working order.

View attachment 5167600View attachment 5167601View attachment 5167602View attachment 5167603View attachment 51676046 groove rifling. Serial number is 3632066.

Stock has faint cartouche FJA.

Smith-Corona’s manufactured 234,580 M1903A3s.

Remington produced 707,629 ’03A3 rifles.

The Remington and Smith-Corona M1903A3 rifles provided yeoman-like service to U.S. armed forces during World War II. Although not used for overseas combat duty in the same numbers as M1 rifles, or even the earlier M1903 variants, some M1903A3 rifles did, in fact, see action. Numerous World War II vintage photos depict ’03A3 rifles employed in overseas combat zones. Military Police (MPs) and other ostensibly non-combat military personnel were issued M1903A3 rifles, but they were also employed by front-line combat infantrymen.

Model ’03A3 rifles were used in combat in virtually all theaters of the war, including the European, Mediterranean, and China-Burma-India (C-B-I). Large numbers were also utilized for stateside training and for supplementary use by sentries and other personnel. Despite the shortcuts employed in the manufacture, the M1903A3 rifles were every bit as serviceable as the better-finished earlier production rifles.



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