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GA Norinco 1911A1 Highly desirable Chinese 1911 Pistol $650

GA Firing Line


Jul 4, 2015
Excellent Colt Clone

The Norinco 1911A1 is a faithful reproduction of the famous USGI 'government model' that served the American army for over seventy years, this mil-spec .45 auto features forged steel construction and a chrome-lined barrel. These reproduction 1911s are scarce and extremely desirable.

The Chinese used 5100 series chromoly steel in the Norinco's, whereas pretty much everyone else used 4100 series.

These firearms are manufactured with very hard steel and are known to be extremely durable.

Plus the Norincos are forged. If you look at Norincos up close, you will typically notice some of the machining is rough. This is usually evident in the slide serrations. 5100 series steel means shorter life for cutters and milling bits, but results in probably the strongest 1911 ever built. nORINCO 1911 (5).jpg nORINCO 1911 (6).jpg nORINCO 1911 (7).jpg nORINCO 1911 (1).jpg
I'm sure glad I bought one 30 years ago from a friend who was scared of it. I seem to recall the Norinco won't accept a Colt-style grip-safety without some work. I have to wear a band-aid between my trigger finger and thumb to keep from bleeding when firing my Norinco 1911.. one of those "things" on my to-do list that I'll prolly never get done, LOL .