Howard Law
  1. Patryn

    Marietta Preppers Meetup Group

    Sticky for this link in case anyone wants a heads up on TruPrep's Free Training. The Marietta Preppers Networking Group meets at the TruPrep store at 1000 Cobb Pkwy N Ste B, Marietta, GA 30062. The purpose of the group is to share...
  2. Huddy

    Anyone else miss Jericho?

    I have to say that, as someone who does not watch TV regularly, I really wish that the show Jericho had been picked up for further seasons. It does a great job demonstrating the outcomes of an unforeseen extreme event and how it changes people, culture, and life in general. Anyone else? If you...
  3. Prepperrob

    Hello From Truprep!

    My name is Rob and have been wanting to get on here for a while! Now that i am here i think i will be spending a great deal of time on the site! Some of you may know me and for those that don't I try to learn and give as much information as possible about prepping. If you ever have any questions...
  4. sunderwood52


    I recently started listening to Art of Manliness and Survival Dad podcasts as I travel. There are some that are not at all interesting, but I've heard several that have been helpful for SHTF situations, and just repetition of skills I already have. One even made a suggestion for my GHB that I...
  5. Red Dawn

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    Can you make it are you a survivalist?