1. Patryn

    P320 with 150rds

  2. Patryn

    Marietta Preppers Meetup Group

    Sticky for this link in case anyone wants a heads up on TruPrep's Free Training. The Marietta Preppers Networking Group meets at the TruPrep store at 1000 Cobb Pkwy N Ste B, Marietta, GA 30062. The purpose of the group is to share...
  3. Patryn

    Lots of Prepping Gear GAW

    Make sure to be at TruPrep, October 8th from 1100-1500. List of just some of the giveaways: - Henry Survival Rifle - Goal Zero Generator & Panel - Mountain House Food - Seekins Precision Swag - Heirloom Seeds - Berkey Water Filters - Glock Swag - Knives - Fowler Knives - Ruger Swag -...
  4. Patryn

    Best House NV Camera system

    Who uses what and why? Please post costs.
  5. Patryn

    Bugging in or bugging out?

    Age old question. I have gear to go. I don't believe we will make it 2 weeks in the same place if something happens.
  6. TruPrep

    New Ammo Can pricing - TruPrep

    ****Updated 07-15-2016 Rifle Racks are back up to $49.99 and only have a few left****
  7. Prepperrob

    Hello From Truprep!

    My name is Rob and have been wanting to get on here for a while! Now that i am here i think i will be spending a great deal of time on the site! Some of you may know me and for those that don't I try to learn and give as much information as possible about prepping. If you ever have any questions...
  8. ThePreppersVault

    30% Off All 5.11 @thepreppersvault

    All 5.11 is 30% off until 02/01. Thanks, #thepreppersvault (678)212-3015