Howard Law
  1. snivic

    SOLD Sold!!!! 2004 Honda Civic 2300obo

    Car is sold!!!!! 2004 Honda Civic 2,300 OBO Silver 2dr Coupe 1.7L 30-35mpg 219,000 miles 5 speed Manual Good to fair condition. ( Pro’s ) Engine has been completely cleaned inside and gone through in September 2020 (@219,000miles). New alternator, all new engine bearings, all new piston...
  2. Sublimebeer

    GA 1999 Camry SE

    Make and Model: Toyota Camry SE Milage:? Location/Zip:30068 Item is For Sale or Trade or Both: $ Trade Trade Value or Items Looking For: 1000 rounds of 223 556 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: I’ve got a **** box of a 99 Camry SE 4 cylinder Japanese sake bomb...
  3. dougiemac

    Tesla Model 3

    Base model will do 0-60 in under 6, with versions that go much much faster. Base will be at least 215 miles per charge, and Elon said that “these are minimum numbers, we hope to exceed them”. All model 3s will have autopilot hardware. Like the model S, it will have front and rear trunks. All...