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  1. O

    GA 10.5” AR w/ flip up sights $650

    10.5” AR pistol with polymer flip up sights. It has a PSA lower and BCA upper. Magpul/KAK OD green furniture. Only shot 30 rounds for functionality and is flawless. $650 and will travel within 45 minutes of my location (Statesboro/Savannah area)
  2. NolansMindset

    "ISSUES" Diamondback DB15 Pistol - Part 1 | New Parts

    A buddy got ahold of me and asked if I would take a look at is 7.5" DB15 pistol. He said it wouldn't feed no matter what he did. So I tore into it and found an issue and for "part 1" ill be getting some replacement parts installed. Stay tuned for Part 2 when we are out at the range.
  3. NolansMindset

    Range Fun with the Fostech Echo Trigger!! (VIDEO)

    Ok so I just finished up a 10.5" AR pistol build using the Fostech Echo trigger and today Im out at the range checking function of the pistol and also having some fun with the Echo Trigger..... Spoiler alert, the trigger is awesome!!!!
  4. NolansMindset

    AR Pistol Build | Parts List & Rail Install - Part 1 (VIDEO)

    Ok so we are kicking off another AR pistol build here on the channel. This time I am putting one together for a buddy of mine and one of the main reasons he's putting this together is the Fostech Echo Trigger. For part 1 I will show you guys all the parts we will be using and we will also get...
  5. Double Feed

    .22 Conversion kit

    I installed a CMMG .22lr conversion kit on an AR pistol last weekend..... and man! I wish I had this sooner, talk about fun! :thumbsup: Anyone used one? Does it really save you money in the long run?? Or ... do you get bored with it? :cautious: (Write-up and video...