you heard it here first... Elon Musk prediction


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Mar 26, 2015
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They are learning the downside of electric cars the hard way. This is what the Tesla folks call an "edge charger". Basically it's at almost a full charge distance from the center of a major urban area. Probably most of these people took their Teslas to relatives or other trip for Thanksgiving & so tons of people were short of charge at the same time. And even with Tesla's "super chargers" it takes longer than it does to pump a tank of gas.

I see this as the major limit on adoption of electric cars. There aren't enough of them on the road to make it worth a private company to build "charging stations" everywhere there's a gas station. But without charging stations all over the road, people aren't going to buy electric cars.
Wonder how many caught fire with the cheap chicom batteries


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Aug 31, 2018
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I read in a different article that there were diesel powered chargers sitting on flatbeds at some of these "stations" to prepare for the Christmas season. Tesla hadn't set them up yet, thinking they wouldn't need them over Thanksgiving weekend. It makes sense to use diesel powered trucks to haul heavy as fuck generators & diesel powered tankers to haul refined petroleum products to use the diesel generators to charge electric cars driven to stop fossil fuel emissions from damaging the environment because......……...…..feelings?
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