Wilbur Ross can choke to death on a bag of baby dicks


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Aug 26, 2018
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NM, I had a brain fart and thought you wrote Wilford Brimley.
Hey, you remember that TV show he was on in the 1980’s called “Our House”? You remember the blonde mom in that show? I had the biggest crush on that that chick back when I was a kid.

She has to be old as hell by now, but I saw her on TV awhile back and she’s still as hot as a two dollar pistol!
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Aug 31, 2018
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I’d never heard of him either until yesterday when I saw him on TV running his cock washer. He’s so damn out of touch with reality it’s insane. That shit bag should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

No, the shutdown didn’t affect my job at all, but still, DAMN. What a heartless SOB.
Oh, they're all so fucking out of touch I have to laugh or I'd have to kill something. The "liberal ladies" as I call my nephew's lesbian in-laws who moved here from Cali were telling a story at Christmas about attending a Hillary event in the last presidential campaign where she was bragging about not having driven a car since Bill was governor of Arkansas in the 80s. She's had taxpayer funded cars and drivers for over 3 decades. Her, Ross, all of them should have to stock shelves at Wal-mart and work a McDonalds drive through one week out of each 6 months to fucking wake them up.

But I still want to know who Hoss cancelled.